Meet & Greet

Chattanooga Round-Up 2012


What a great time!! What happens in the "man cave" stays in the "man cave."


Whole lotta Gretsch in that room!


Gotta love that pic, even the drum kit looks orange! :D


What a hoot... Hoot Owl.

Hey, it was good times in the Man Lair at chez Paj...his recently completed studio just for such.

Great to see Mr. and Mrs. Owl again. Mrs. Owl was still displeased with my parting with the White Falcon Rancher....or maybe with Mr. Owl's failure to snag it!

We decided Gretsch 6120s sound pretty good together. And the Playboy had just come back from the doctor, and sounded good.

Josh, I was told it was a high-power cap.

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