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Elvis’ First Recording Replicated and Released By Jack White


Jack White bought the acetate containing the first recording Elvis made at Sun Studios and is going to duplicate it and release it on Record Day on April 18.

"From reproducing the typewritten labels (printed on the reverse of extra Prisonaires labels that happened to be laying around Sun Records in July 1953) to being packaged in a plain, nondescript, of-the-era sleeve, the utmost attention to detail has been paid in order to create an object so close to the historic original as to almost be indistinguishable from one other."

This is pretty awesome.

Elvis Presley's First Recording


I'm happy to see him do this and amazed that nobody has before. Past due, if you ask me.


Pretty awesome. There's a flood of generic 7"s that come out on RSD that make me wonder who's buying them, but this one looks pretty cool.


Jack's company, Third Man Records, won a Grammy for best historic package last month. Their care and attention to detail is remarkable.

A nice connection to Elvis is found in this paragraph from the linked article.

Working from a transfer done by industry expert Alan Stoker at the Country Music Hall of Fame, the audio will be as clean as modern technology can make it without losing the feeling and soul that makes these two songs both haunting and breath-taking....

Alan Stoker is the son of Gordon Stoker, of The Jordanaires, who sang background vocals on so very many of Elvis's hits. Alan has been the curator of the vast sound archives of The Country Music HOF and Museum for many years. He is also a lovely guy and a gentleman, just like his Dad was.


I'm surprised that they are releasing it on 78RPM. I have to go and see if my turntable actually has this speed.


Look out!!

78 rpm ask for a different kind of needle. Using a 33/45 needle will wreck it and the records too.

It's not possible to just switch needles. Such switch asks for protracting tests, sinewave record anti-skating setting and different tracking weight.

I recommend getting a so called OEM table with correct cartridge, for 78 rpm. You then can also buy the special Kitty, Daisy and Lewis 78 rpm records, which were the first 78 rpm releases since the fifties.

You are free to call me a party pooping nerd.


Geoff Vane PPN, at your service!


I've been a big critic of Jack White over the years (not that my opinion matters), but this is cool. The historical significance here is over the top. Very cool stuff.


His genius is showing again...really cool he's putting this out like he did with the unrecorded Hank songs.

BTW Keith....you may find yourself one day rockin to 'Elephant' and/or 'Get Behind Me Satan' :)

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