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CBell. 3 Years. Seems like yesterday, and forever ago.


Missing CBell Cameron Bellamy today. It's been 3 years today that he passed. Still miss him just as much, maybe more.


Best to you and yours, Billy D!

Cam was one of the good guys, for sure. His presence is missed!


It's ironic he was mentioned here today already.

Only met him once but that was enough to miss him as well.


Everytime I think of him, I smile, then remember he's gone, then remember how great a guy he was, and smile bigger for knowing him.


Only met him once but that was enough to miss him as well.

Same here.


Never had the pleasure to meet him, but I sure do miss him too.

Just seemed like one heck of a good guy, and enjoyed his posts.

A real "Country Gentleman."


Always wanted to meet him, sorry I never got to.


He was a positive influence on the GDP and a pleasure to know. Gone but won’t be forgotten.


That trip in his new "land yacht" Audi to the West Baden Roundup was a treasure. I especially love the memory of him trying to out negotiate Joe da Man for the check. He couldn't believe Joe was truly going to get the better of that deal.

And, poof! He was gone. Miss him every time I think of Rocky or Stephen, and all the exquisite Gretsch guitars. Sorry you lost a special friend, Billy.

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