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Carson City, Here We Come!


It Never wife and I agree on that. It is the challenge of whether to say anything...


Oh yeah, I messed up. Again. Does this continue on for the rest of one's life, or does it ever end?

I meant tomorrow night, rather than tonight.

– Ric12string



It's only just started!


Hey Frank,

I received a copy of my Email to you, let me know if you have it.

Once you get a good look at the Venue, see if there is a nice spot for Friends & Family to enjoy the Show...Thx!


OK, let’s review.

Our show is on Saturday.

It starts at 7 pm (opening act)

We go on at 8 pm

Merchandise and CDs will be available and can be signed if you like.

I’d bring a lawn chair if I weren’t going to be on stage.

I’m sorry about your dog, I hope things work out so Karen doesn’t have to sit by herself.

I haven’t seen the venue yet but will look at it tomorrow and report back.

That’s all I know for now.

There was a car show going on in the hotel parking lot when we got there. By the time we unloaded the show was breaking up, so I pulled the van in and parked where the show cars had been parked. A group of guys with vintage trucks were still there and talking amongst themselves. When I got out, I heard them say “E-350” And I didn’t even show them my custom LED lighting (Manny knows about that).


Twangmeisternyc, I’ve been driving all day, but no I don’t see an email from you, you can email direct at frank at Giffen dot com.


Twangmeisternyc, I’ve been driving all day, but no I don’t see an email from you, you can email direct at frank at Giffen dot com.


Glad you made it!

Obviously, the GDP email system has a glitch...

I'll get you a note direct, let's hope things work for Bob.

I plan to get to the Hotel mid-afternoon.



Sound check's done. Visual contact with twangmeisternyc achieved. Resting up at the hotel, going back to the venue shortly. Country Club is available for duty, Eastman will be batting first tonight.


Setting up for sound check. Great sound crew and everyone here is giving us the royal treatment. Can't wait for the show to start.


The High Desert now beginning to cool off from the 100F+ late afternoon temps...Show Time should be just about perfect!


Twangmeisternyc and I are here to cheer giffenf on!


Aileen Quinn and the Leapin' Lizards.


Our man, Frank, holding down stage right.


We had a beautiful evening, temperatures cooled off nicely before Showtime. Aileen and the Lizards played for 90+ minutes, the crowd enjoying every tune. Lot's of Dancing up near the Stage, a mix of all age groups...

Aileen has quite the "Annie" following, Meet and Greet/Photo Op/Autograph lasted at least another 45 minutes after the Show during which us Guitar and Gear Geeks compared notes.

Frank's Tool Box was a curiously intricate endeavor...but, if you needed it, it was in that Box!

Tavo would be satisfied as his pedals were well represented.

Now, was it in Drawer 1, 2, or 3? I think it had a small Nuclear Reactor for power, an odd Green glow eminating from behind a small Gretsch flannel pull string bag.

And I thought my making a Solid State ChipAmp, a FET Pre-Amp, and then modding my CVR was worthy...NOT!

Chris the Bassist has an Alcoa from 1932, that was a real treat...let alone he had a White Falcon 4-string, too!

Frank had his Caddy Green Club at the ready, and Tom the Drummer claimed he has stashed away an older Gretsch Kit as well...

We are ALL Gretsch Heads on this Musical Bus Ride!

Late Night had Bob making the ride back home to Truckee while the rest of us unwound at the Hotel Bar as the House Band was finishing up their last set.

Again, as before, geeking out over how many of this or that we once had or still have. I declared I have no more space, which was met with the notion that there is always more room.

Jorge, the Horn player, apparently has it right...two Saxes in small cases and a shoulder bag!

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