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Carson City, Here We Come!


In our most Northerly venture to date, Aileen Quinn and the Leapin’ Lizards will be playing the Brewery Arts Center’s Minnesota Street Stage in Beautiful Carson City, NV on Saturday, July 28th. It’s part of the Levitt Foundation’s “Amp Up Your City” concert series.

I just have to love any organization that considers brewing to be an art. Can’t wait for this show.

If you’re around Carson City in a couple of weeks, come on out and say “Hey!”


If I am around, I'll come down and see you and the Lizards, Frank.


Me, too. No disrespect to #MeToo!

Post your Stage time when you have it...Thx.


Are you or the Band going to layover Saturday Night in CC, or deadhead back to LA or on to another show?

I might get a room and avoid the late night drive, and of course stay out late Pub Crawling!

If you are also, there might be a plan to be made...


At last report, we're spending Saturday night in Carson City and going back the next day (those details will be finalized in the next week). Since I'm driving most, if not all of the band up there and back, I'll be doing whatever everyone else is doing. Pub crawling sounds like great fun.


I made a reservation at the Carson Tahoe Hotel, it is part of the Nugget Casino across the street. Easy walking distance to the Show and the main drag of the Downtown.

Now to arrange for a Bail Bond...


Any further updates?

Anyone else besides myself going?


Well, my wife’s going. We’re getting there Friday and are definitely staying the night Saturday night before heading home, but I haven’t heard where we’re staying yet.

There will be an article featuring an interview with Aileen published in the Nevada Appeal newspaper sometime this week.


Keep the info coming as you have it.

I chatted Bob's drummer's wife up all during their Show last month here in Reno...she was the "Cinnamon Girl" so to say.

She even helped with the Load-In...Ha!


And what wife of a musician doesn’t, I ask ya?


She described the Drum Kit kept back at home, she wanted no part of carrying that one around!

This was the simplified, travel kit...

Very nice time that night, hoping this one is just as fun.


The Thirst Parlor is owned by our Real Estate Agent's parents...I met her while having a beer 2 years ago during my first trip out to the Carson Valley.


Oh, man, hope we can squeeze in all this drinkin’ around the show. Sounds like there’s a lot to do there. Looking forward to it.


Genoa is about 15 minutes South of CC on Jack's Valley Road...nice ride up against the Sierra.

You should plan to have the "Chicken Fried Steak" Platter at Katie's Country Kitchen in the Carson Valley Inn and Casino either coming or going...that is in Minden off the 395, about 10 minutes from Genoa.

And finally, if your timing allows, get some fresh Berries at Jacob's Family Berry Farm. That is 10 minutes from the CVI in Gardnerville. My wife has been getting an email every couple days about this year's wonderful crop!

Phish played up at the Lake the other night, and they requested 36 pints (3 Flats) in their Rider.


Wow, looks like we’re going to have to plan carefully to take full advantage of everything there. Here’s an update:

Aileen and Tom are going up a day early because on Friday the Carson City Classic Cinema Club is going to screen “Annie” and Aileen will make an appearance for a Q&A after the show.

The rest of us will be coming up Friday and hope to hit town by 6 pm. That’s all I’ve got for now.


I dun got my pitcher in the paper!

Thanks for the link, twangmeisternyc. See you soon.


A very sweet and lovable, yet dependent, dog has become a potential stumbling block for me attending tonight. I am still going to try to make it, but I may not be there at the downbeat. How long are you scheduled to play, giffenf?


We should exchange Email Addy's...I have Bob's.

Let me try the link here through the GDP.

And let's hope we keep our pictures out of the paper after the Show!


Yes, I understand that. Unfortunately, I have a gig tomorrow afternoon and need to deal with the dog before I can get down there. I will just have to see how much time I have and whether it is worth it to drive 90 minutes to see only 20 minutes of performance. Hopefully, I can be quicker.


When I saw "tonight" I wanted to be sure!

Hope your pup is feeling better. We rarely let our 15yo, deaf, failing eyesight, CCD Bichon go more than a couple hours without one of us being home. That's why I was flying solo at your Show and now this one of Frank's...

It's like a Day Off in some respects.


The Show is Saturday Night, Bob.

– Twangmeisternyc

Oh yeah, I messed up. Again. Does this continue on for the rest of one's life, or does it ever end?

I meant tomorrow night, rather than tonight.

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