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Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rocks! 2017


Saw Brian in Huntsville, AL Dec 2nd. Got a pic with everyone's favorite Gretsch guru. Thanks Joe

Hope the pic uploaded ok


Holy crap! BSO is coming to Florida. Might be the first time since Dirty Boogie. I bought three tickets for this Tuesday in Clearwater.

– Charlie Vegas

Caught the Clearwater, FL show last week. First time I've seen Brian. Fantastic show! Even better than I'd hoped it would be..

Got to meet Joe Carducci at the Gretsch booth afterwards, as well!


Last year,Miss Karolyn and I.Joe took the pic.


Well as I was telling Pail Setzer last night ,after yeeeaaaarrs of trying catch the man in a live setting that was my main influence to pick up a guitar was a lot to take in and process for the first time,watching his style of play,pick tuck and butterfly jazzeristic hands in this crazy fluid motion from rockabilly,swing,twang and back round to some light handed jazz licks sprinkled in!!! Wife and kids had a blast as I hoped they would as much as I.I’ve seen many bands/performers and this show was by far at the top just for the articulate showmanship of Setzer and the entire band. Will do it again even if it’s a further travel.And what’s to be said of Joe that hasn’t been said time and time again.He really ,genuinely has this take on the whole Gretsch family ,the brand ,the folks like us(meaning GDP as well) that he actually owes us a debt of gratitude...a gentleman in every aspect.


My son Luke and I...didn’t have the nerve to tell my wife he was holding such a costly guitar as she’s she’s under the assumption my Jet 6120 are much much less expensive. :)

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