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anyone know of a good rhythm section in Nashville?


So this is a long shot as my summer always gets busy yet money is always tight (how the heck does that happen?) but i'm thinking of heading down to Nashville. i've been offered the use of Danny Gattons Es295 and i want to do a session on it. can't afford to bring my guys so i'm putting it out there!


ya The Hillbilly Casino!! Well.. they are their own machine of rockabilly terror but I bet they'd love to accommodate the likes of you! As well Jeremy Michael in franklin (just south 20 miles of downtown nashville) is an excellent engineer and has a good sounding little studio.. just sayin :)


My wife has a close friend whom I might be able to refer your way - Nashville local, Berklee grad, well-respected session drummer since his teens. She hasn't spoken to him in a while, and he may be on the road. Do you have an inkling of when you'll be down that way?


still working on it. but I'm hoping it will be early July


Only 900 miles from Philly.

While you're in the neighborhood...

...just sayin.


I second Tavo's vote for Hillbilly Casino, I bet you can't find a more rockin' rhythm machine anywhere in the world. Just look at the combined experience these guys have.


I know an excellent steel player in Nashville if needed.


Sounds like a trip to Nashville is in order.

Tavo is right. Bigbassape here on the pages is an amazing player! One of the best!


Does this mean you'll be in Nash for CAAS, Paul?


Paul I have a good friend in Nashville who is a producer and has been in town a long time and knows his way around. I'll get you in touch if you like.

Best of luck in finding what you want.


Hill Top Studio might give you some info.


I'm still working on it. The plan is to get to Nashville just before CAAS, do a session on Dannys guitar, and go to the convention. I'm booked for Edmonton Race week which also starts around the same time though. just gotta see when they want me there. I think its doable but need a conformation on my gig schedule first. I have been thinking about this trip for a while so i've got my fingers crossed. Richard, if i make this happen i'd love to meet your friend. this is a recon trip to make inroads into the states.


Inroads in the States? You need to hook up with Sean Mencher and have him do some booking for you.


call James Pennebaker (a friend, he spent many yrs. w/ Delbert) who is at Fender Nashville ( and who is my Gretsch guru/maven, he is a true believer with us) ... he's gotta know all kinds of folks who can help ... tell him Jon Cole suggested you check in with him & good luck.

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