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Mud Boggin


Thinkin about a Mud Bogger we ran into in Tennessee.

He was a bit older than this feller, but his 'do done turned into a skullet.


I'd say he was old school, but it's my suspicion he never graduated.



– crowbone

I wonder who got the self respect in his family? For sure, a character straight out of Deliverance. I'll bet the family dog looks better. Did he win the prize at the local Fall Fair for the biggest ears? A big sow would be proud of a pair like this.


Give him credit---he's in a tux, not his usual bib overalls and a T shirt.


Give him credit---he's in a tux, not his usual bib overalls and a T shirt.

– wabash slim

I'll give him that.


I'm getting kind of a "Lord of the Rings" meets "Joe Dirt" vibe. I would not be surprised to learn his name is "Legolas-Bob".


Great look, Instead of "Business in the front, party in the Back", this Dude has the party going on in the front and the back. I really don't get the Bull Nose ring thing though, guess its my age showing.


I like the long-suffering stoicism, defiance, and merest suggestion of either a derisive sneer or a conspiratorial “laughing at myself along with you” smile.

Assuming those ears are real and not Photoshop, we who would judge must pause to consider the years of ridicule from peers and stare-pointing from strangers this kid has endured. Throw in the freckles and you have a perfect storm of unfortunate genetic curse and visual awkward. There is no way this boy was NOT going to be noticed and pointed out.

There’s a certain boldness in his creativity in assembling an appearance that says “you gonna stare, I’ll give you something to stare at, bitch.” It’s apparently well-considered, too, and there’s some artistic judgment on display: the facial hardware is as carefully central as the symmetrically arrayed hair, and tastefully small. Only a single nostril-side stud provides the requisite touch of asymmetry. There could also have been tattoos, but this sculptor of the visual self knows where to stop - and either a backbone of self-respect or the foresight to imagine that perhaps one day he’ll want to blend in as well as he can.

There’s always the possibility that in a late spurt, he’ll grow into those ears - and a giant will need nothing tonsorial to distinguish him. Also, when that happens, all the mockers in his past will have reason to be very afraid.

It’s futile (if entertaining) to try to construct a personality profile and personal history from a single photo, but I’d guess the lad to have above-average intelligence and a wicked sense of both self-deprecating and situational humor. There’s something in his eyes and expression which reminds me of the biggest-eared kid in my class at school, who probably out of sheer head-em-off-at-the-pass self-defense, became the class clown - and was damn funny at it. (And his ears didn’t come close to these.)

To have endured and have the gumption to present himself this way, you gotta know the boy is tough and resilient.

The tux and the neatness of coiffure also indicate that this kid, though conspiring with nature to make himself look outrageous, has at the same time the confidence and poise to participate in conventional social intercourse. He hasn’t let the ridicule intimidate him, or his alienation isolate him. We don’t know if he’s dressed for a wedding or a prom, but in either case we’re encouraged to recognize that he has a girlfriend (maybe a boyfriend). Someone loves him, and he cares.

He's apparently no more worried than Alfred E Neuman, and I think he’s doing ok.

Also, with that much surface area to focus and route sound waves, he ought to hear in really high resolution, and could be a monster musician.

(Also also, he can hear everything you think, so be careful.)


**(Also also, he can hear everything you think, so be careful.)

Now THAT is funny Tim


And does.

The above is a choice and clearly not a defect.

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