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Anyone Here in Austin, TX Area?


Hey gang,

Almost positive I will be moving to the Austin area this year, finally getting out of NJ! Anyways, I have heard the live music scene there is still going strong and anyways I'm betting there are some Gretsch players there, so let me know who you are and hopefully we can jam together sometime when I get settled there! :)


As my brother says: New Jersey is a great place to be FROM. ;-)


Bigjimslade lives there and apparently runs the place.


BombCityRocker is in ATX, but I haven't seen him around here lately. I've got a few buddies down there. I'm hoping to visit soon. Sounds like a cool place to be right now.

Good luck!


Always cool here in Austin, Rip...

Musicman, We're always happy to have another player in Austin, and yeah, there's a Gretsch or two around here!


I'm in Beaumont, (and being a native Texan, to me, that's not too far ;-) ). Austin is the live music capital of the US, if not the world. So to say it's "still going strong" is like way beyond an understatement! LOL!

Going to try to go to the Roundup this year. Not sure yet if flying or driving. But can also try to shoot for a visit to Austin sometime too.

Welcome to TX!


Did somebody say Live Music Capitol of the World... Roundup?!?

I concur.:D


I think Otter is an Austinite... Calacas is close by in San Antone. Roundup in Austin would be cool, maybe I can catch that.


I've been telling my wife of 10+ years that I'm going to Austin to make my pilgrimage to E. 6th Street, the SRV statue, and all that is Texas blues before we even got married. Not too mention the BBQ joints that have to be there. Texas barbecue is the best!!!


Texas bar-b-que is highly overrated. One must journey to Louisiana...:D


Hey Troy, you're only about 35min away, how come we've never met in person? Been having gas for a 6120, but being broke all the time, and having never played one, is all that's keeping me from it.

LA BBQ is good, I'll give ya that. But we've got one of the top 10 BBQ joints in TEXAS right here in town. 8-)


Louisiana barbeque? How you keep them 'tails on the grill, sha?

When I'm in Austin, and I really want barbecue, I drive to Lockhart. (Like Joe said, in texas 0-90 minutes qualifies as "down the street".)

When I'm East of the border, I stick to crustaceans and fins, thanks!

Speaking of which, I was just Lack Charles the week before last, visiting Sam Houston Johnson State Park, a family favorite since I was a kid. Still gorgeous, just like a always remember it, but it's also still too early for crawfish :(


Lockhart's where the BBQ's at!


Texas bar-b-que is highly overrated. One must journey to Louisiana...:D

– Troy Dering

Texas bar-b-que is highly overrated. One must journey to Louisiana...:D

– troy6120

ahhhhh eeeeee

you got dat right !!! :D

Troy, that's why I have to make a yearly trip back to "dear ol' Luzianne". I can only go just so long without some good Louisiana cooking. ;-)



A roundup in Austin would be cool. A roundup in Lockhart even better... Welcome to Texas njmusicman!


Texas bar-b-que is highly overrated. One must journey to Louisiana...:D

– Troy Dering

Texas bar-b-que is highly overrated. One must journey to Louisiana...:D

– troy6120

That is some fightin' words there.. I am in Houston btw..


Hey guys, thx for the info. It will be sometime this year when I move, not sure yet when. Looking forward to jamming, hopefully hook up with another band. I've actually only played in a few bands my entire life, basically because they all lasted a long time, something not too common. lol I just called it quits with the band I was in for many, many years now, only because it's just time to move on and plus, I'm moving out of state anyways, so...... For a guy who has a regular day job, I've had a strange, long trip as a musician. I've opened for Joan Jett a bunch of times, she sang on our CD(she's actually a friend of ours), opened for Kinks once, played with Ray Manzarek, backed Mary Wilson, played with Phil Volk(Paul Revere and Raiders) played with Al Jardine once, played with Billy Hinsche, Hilton Valentine(The Animals, great discussions about the Gretsch on Rising Sun!) and I've had the pleasure of playing with Dave Bryan(Bonjovi) several times, going back to the late 90's(Dave is a super cool dude, very down to earth and just loves playing music, no matter what) A very odd and different group of artists, a weird mix! The only reason I mention all this is just becasue when I was a kid, I certainly never imagined I would one day play with these people, so it's just a strange feeling, but it's been tons of fun! :)


Hey man, late to the party, but we welcome you for sure. If you need a tour of places that sell colbeer and good chow holler when you get down here. BTW, the best BBQ that ain't made by yours truly would be in Llano, Gentlemen, at Cooper's. Good luck with the move!

edit: BTW, who ever hard of Louisiana bbq (bbq shrimp?) anyway ;-)


Hey, sounds great. I don't know anyone in TX, so looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully getting settled in smoothly. I have to fly down there first to look for a place to live, then once I am there, find a job, fast! :)


You might wanna try to scout a place to crash BEFORE you make a trip down, NJ, Housing is expensive, and availability pretty fleeting in Austin. Nearby cities such as Buda, Round Rock, and Pflugerville (bordering cities) have much more space, for much less!


Yeah, my thought was to maybe live just outside Austin where it would be cheaper. Compared to NJ though, I thought the cost of living and houses in TX were quite a bit cheaper than here? I can't buy a house now anyways, so probably rental for me. I've already exchanged contact info with some job recruiters and such down there, letting them know I plan on moving there. Yes I am going to come visit there first and look for a place first, then come back home and then make the move. How close are those cities to Austin, say, by car?


Spartanman checking in here. I'm about 80 miles south in San Antonio.

I second the Lonestar Round-Up motion!

As a California transplant, trust me your housing costs will be waaaay less. Also, no state income tax, but your property tax may be higher. They always get ya comin' or goin'.

Being from New Jersey, you may be walkin' around wondering why everyone is asking how your doin' and being nice to you. My experience is that it is 90% - 95% of the time genuine.

My favorite Austin band:

And of course one of the first cosmic cowboys:

Welcome... you'll be dropping your g's and saying y'all in no time.


Hi Spartanman,

+1 on the folks down there being nice and asking how I am doing. A friend of mine went down to Austin to visit someone a few months ago, he is a mailman by day but lead singer for many years in local bands here in NJ. So, he went to see some of the live music places and hang out, came back telling me everyone was real friendly, engaging him in conversation, and on a good note, the ladies being real friendly and flirting, telling him he should move down there. :) I've only been in Texas a few times, but the only time I got to see anything was driving on my way out to California, but I went though the panhandle, not further south Texas.


You should probably start subscribing to this magazine. Some think it is too far left, some too far right, so probably it is just where it should be.

By the way, lest you think the weather is always hot, it was 29 degrees and we got a little sleet this morning. It's only really hot about 10 months out of the year:D

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