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Anuther corny joke!


An old country preacher decided to paint his barn. He gathered up all the paint and brushes and started in. He quickly realized that he didn't have near enough paint and sure didn't want to go all the way back into town and spend more money. So he decided to just thin down the paint he had. He worked all day and got the barn all painted. That night a big ol' rain storm blowed in. Next morning he went out to check things and discovered ALL the paint on the barn had washed off in the storm!! In his despair he called out to the Lord..."Oh God, what am I gonna do now?" Just then a bid ol' voice from Heaven boomed out..."Son, repaint and thin no more"!! This joke comes to you free of charge!!


It stands to reason the joke came from another Steve.


[clandestinely inserts tacit reference to Mike Tyson here]

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