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An early blog report … about a meet and greet!


There's a couple ways to get the sitar sound.

Use one of those "sitar" guitars Jerry Jones(or similar) makes.

Line6 has a guitar sound that models the sitar guitar pretty dead on.

Anything else requires modifying the bridges to get that buzz, and I'm not going there.


Thank you my friend ... I will look into those options...

What about that vintage sound?

How were they doing it?

BTW - crowbone ... I like your new avatar!



Thanks Bryan ... How cool is that stuff? Sheesh !!!!


Thanks mate ... Very cool ...

The fellow playing that demo sucks but that's OK ...

No offense intended ... I suck too ...

As far as the geetars ... I want one!



Accept no substitutes! Do what I did and learn to play the real thing!


Wow... Thanks Mike ... That looks like a great pedal... I want one!


57Chet, no need for an expensive Jerry Jones (JJ recently retired and is not producing guitars any more, so they're not about to get cheaper..), or an even more expensive Coral original.

You can get a Gotoh Sitar "buzz bridge" for Danelectros that will turn any Danelectro guitar into an electric sitar. (Allparts and Danguitars have the Gotoh bridge) I put one on a cheap second hand reissue Dano U2, and it works absolutely great. You can get sitar-ized for under $300. I don't have any clips or video of mine, but I'll see what I can do next week maybe.

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