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1959 6118 anniversary on the bay, please advice


Hi guys, I'm in the market for a 1959 two tone smoke green 6118 (don't want the sunburst) and there's an almost mint one on the bay...have you seen it? What do you think of it?

Price is high but perhaps I could get it down...the guitar looks almost too good to me, what do you all think? And is the rosewood fretboard a good thing or should I find one with the ebony board? There's also a '58 on the net:

And two other '59s:


Or is a '59/'60 6119 with ebony board and Bigsby (love a Bigsby on any guitar!) the better choice?

Has to be with filtertrons!


My 1959 green Anniversary has a rosewood board.

My 1960 6119 also has a rosewood board.

My 1960 green Anniversary has a rosewood board.

So I am not sure which of the above guitars has ebony as mine don't.

Don't let the Bigsby element lead the decision; you can always get one with the right shape hinge and drill it to match the G tailpiece holes if you don't like adding new holes.


Hi Knavel, you're not perhaps selling the '59 anniversary?


I always thought all the '59/'60 6119 guitars come with ebony fretboard...I guess I was wrong


$6k for an Anniversary... would be a fair price if you got two of them.


Haha, yes it's expensive, that's true! The thing is, I've got some money again to buy me another vintage Gretsch...but not 10K +...I would prefer a 6120 for sure but they only get more expensive it seems...I can still buy the transitional '57 6120 though (ebony board, thumb inlays, trestle bracing, dynasonics) for that's a good price right (almost mint guitar, ohsc)? But again, the dyna vs. filter debate...


Filtertron Jets seem to be more reasonable, at least a couple that I've seen. With a little patience, $5-6k will get you a nice dual Filter Jet these days.


Sorry, no jets, I'm an archtop guy...


Yeah, hard to believe those prices. I'm sure at least one of those first two you linked to has been up on ebay for over a year. It just sits there at $5,995. Talk about sticking to your asking price

Scrounge a little, I bet you can find one for less than $3,500.


Hi Jeroen. Still searching?
They are great guitars but that price is crazy. Yes I'm sure you can find a good one for a better price.


If I had the dough I'd buy it, I got a 59 single, it's very good and I love it( very sentimental to me,but I like it too)


Hi, I've found a múch cheaper '59 two tone smoke green 6118! Ed, the serial is 30107, can you please check if that indeed is a 6118-batch? I will post some pics soon...pickups and wiring look a bit strange to me (pat.number filtertrons and black-white wiring)


301xx is a batch of Anniversaries but it would make it a '58. But it's the last batch of '58 so almost 59.....
I'm not sure when they changed to light trestle exactly though. I think it should still have the heavy trestle.
But patent nr Filters came later.


True, but it has the anniversary name-plate on the headstock, so that's '59 right?


As far as I know they always had the headstock plaque.


It has the ebony board and the heavy trestle bracing, so it's indeed more 58-ish...all looks fine except for the pat-number pickups...they can't be original, right?


Right, should have PAF filters, although, someone could have just taken the covers for another guitar and the pickups could still be right. The light trestle starts to appear when the fretboard gets 21 frets instead of 22, around the 32XXX number.

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