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A Quiet GDP Member Known To Many Has Passed


Many of you will remember having met Proteus' friend, Ray Beals, at one of the Roundups. Tim had met Ray through their mutual connections in the newspaper business -- Ray worked in the industry while Tim handles computers for many newspapers. In any event, Ray and his wife, Kathy, traveled to Roundups and loved hearing the music being played and meeting folks. He and Kathy even came all the way out to attend our California Roundup.

Ray was a quiet guy, never played music at the Roundups and rarely even posted on the GDP, although he read it often and felt connected to many on here.

Ray passed away early last month from cancer. He was a very nice guy. Here is a LINK to an article that was published by his old newspaper which honored and remembered Ray.

Note: This is not to be confused with Raye Boals, our own Roy Orbison-tributer from Oregon, who is still alive and with us last time I checked. :)


Ugh. More terrible news.

Ray may have been quiet, but he was a genuinely nice guy who was super supportive of whoever was around at any of the Roundups. And pretty funny if you got him talking too.

He will be missed.


I remember him, too. Super nice, friendly guy. Definitely embodied the Indiana temperament and friendliness.


Ray was an all around good guy. We really connected with him at the Crossroads Roundup in Clarksdale. He loved his Gretsch guitar and Excelsior amp. A real gentleman, genuine, kind, and fun to be with. Our sympathies to his wonderful wife Kathy. Miss you Ray.


Nice guy. I met him at the Crossroads Roundup as well. It may not be the best plug for roundups, but you never know when you might not get another chance to meet someone. Condolences to his family.


RIP. Very sad. Nice tribute in the obit.


Dang it! Another brother lost. Ray had a quiet way about himself,yet you could sense his good nature.


What do you say? My respect to another picker.


Great friendly guy. Rest in peace, Ray.


Ray was a big, friendly, bear of a guy.

Sympathies and Condolences to his family.


He was a big guy, and went so far as to ensure that he wasn't "overwhelming" anyone sitting near. He was sweet, as is his wife. Shame.


Rest in eternal peace!


So very sorry to hear. Condolences to all family and friends.


I'm very sorry to hear about this and hope comfort comes to his family sooner rather than later. May he rest in peace.


RIP Sir.

Ray sounded like one of life's goodun's.


Sorry to hear about this loss to the community. R.I.P. Ray.


If any of his family is reading this, I send my condolences.


Sorry to hear that. Sounds like he was a really good guy. Rest in peace.


Rest in Peace and condolences to his family.


So Sad. I talked to him a year or so ago. He called me to tell me the battle that he was having. He and Kathy will be missed at the roundups. Tim told me he had passed a few weeks ago. Thanks for posting this, Bob. I really didn't know the proper way to share this.


I remember Ray and his wife from the NorCal Roundup they attended, it was nice to have them there. Very sorry to hear.

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