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A newbie, both to the pages and Gretsch


Hey folks, good to be here, officially!

Just a bit of background; I've been a player, on & off, since I was 14. My first decent guitar was my '84 Fender Strat (US), purchased new. I still have it and love it. I picked up my Gibson SG '61 reissue back in 2005, also a great guitar that I still have.

Until relatively recently I had not considered owning a Gretsch. I appreciated the style and tones of Brian Setzer and enjoyed the resurgence of Rockabilly in the early 80s, it just wasn't where I was as a player. Coming of age during the 70s I was into Frank Zappa, and more of what we would consider 'classic rock' guitarists (Page, Beck, Clapton, etc). The guys famous for wielded Les Pauls and Stratocasters.

Ironically, it was looking into a Les Paul that steered me to Gretsch, whom I had always associated with hollow-bodies. I don't like how heavy Les Pauls are in general. There is the infamous 'headstock' issue, and though good ones are very playable, they don't sound all that different from my SG. I wanted more versatility in tone range, and a Les Paul seemed almost redundant.

It was the Duo-Jet that sold me on a Getsch. Specifically, George Harrison's first, but the more closely I looked at who played them, I realized I had been missing something. Part of it was simply mistaking it for a Les Paul upon first glance, but when I watched YouTube performances of players like Dave Gilmour and Jeff Beck, I began to understand the versatility and range it has in tone. Yes, you could play rockabilly and jazz on a Jet, but you can also play Chicago blues and shred on the same set up. The sustain in overdrive is impressive, but it can illicit clean chimey Rickenbacker tones too. The chambered body makes it significantly easier on the shoulder. and it comes with a trem. What's NOT to like? It took some patience to find a gently used '57 reissue, but I was thrilled to add it to my arsenal. It really completes a triumvirate, complementing the SG and Strat, and covering any bases they can't.

.. Regardless, I have also picked up a 5420 (aspen finish), a 5129, and a 5122. Somewhere in there I also purchased a wine Epiphone Casino (Peerless era), but I've pretty much stopped looking at Gibsons.
I'm trying to curb my G.A.S. but also eyeing a Country Classic or a Tennessee Rose for my next guitar.

I've visited the Gretsch Pages numerous times while doing my research. I felt I should belly up to the bar and say 'hi'.

more guitar.


Welcome aboard Sir!

Dyna Jets are cool.


Welcome! And congratulations on your fine taste in fretted instruments.


Welcome to the best guitar forum on the planet!


Nice introduction, welcome!


Welcome. Looks like you’re headed in the right direction.


Heh, heh, heh... you need ONE more Gretsch......


Welcome to the GDP Edison, I'm glad you found us! It sounds like you have the addiction we all share.


Welcome, Edison.

Please tell me you drive a Tesla.


Howdy! Welcome to the asylum.

New guy buys the beer, as always.


Welcome to the club. Happy pickin’. I believe the ‘57 reissue Duo Jet is the best all around guitar from the modern era.


Thanks all!

.. I saw Billy Zoom had his own section here. NICE. Billy and Chrissy Hynde were just 2 hindsight epiphanies for me, both playing Duo Jets.

My humble take on the former and the band 'X';
In a time when every other guitarist wore a sneer of contempt and the slouch of stale angst, Billy stood onstage, wide-stance, wielding a sparkling Gretsch, head held high, wearing a shit-eating grin. .. like he KNEW he had the coolest gig on the planet.

Anyway, here is a mugshot of the aforementioned culprit.


Welcome to the Campfire Edison, great place to hang out.


Welcome Edison! I love your story. I also stumbled onto these pages while doing research on a Gretsch guitar. I have the precursor to your guitar, a 2011 G6128T DSV Duo Jet. Over time I realized I was after a modern version of George Harrison's early tone that moved me as a kid when I heard his raw tone on the "Live In Germany" bootleg albums I had. I can also relate to your story of going back and realizing just how many great players also play Jets and other Gretsch guitars.

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