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2018 California Gold Rush Roundup Registration Has Begun! (WITH COR


The good folks at Camp Lodestar do a fine job providing enough food, but snacks in between those meals are always welcome.

For those who weren't aware, Nestle sold their Confections division so I won't have any Nestle candy to provide this year. On the plus side, that means I could provide any kind of candy, since none of it is competitive product anymore, or maybe some healthy snacks. Or maybe a vast assortment from Trader Joe's. Suggestions are welcome.


My wife has been waiting to get Baking in the new house, when I told her about making a tray she smiled...

And I like to Bake my variety of healthy Cookies!


My wife and would love to go, hoping there is a cabin available.


Greg, check your email.

So, yes, we have a pretty good turnout coming. It should be a fun time for all.

If you have not yet ordered your t-shirt, you need to do it this morning because I am submitting the order a little before noon. Check the t-shirt thread for the details on pricing, how to pay, etc.

Let's do this! This year, "It Goes To 11."


What music related gear should I bring? Obviously a guitar or two. I imagine amps and pedal boards will be there should I bring a small amp?


Hipbone, there is an area of the Dining Hall where we set up all of the gear. If you are okay with playing through someone else's amplifier, then you can leave yours behind. If, however, you can't think of playing in front of anyone unless you are using that one special amp, then bring it along. We might have you move it after you play so that someone else can put their special amp in its place. But, we do try to accommodate everyone's playing needs.

You are welcome to bring along as many guitars as you would like. Often, people will put their guitars on display so that others can ogle them and drool. But, that's not mandatory.

If you have your own pedal board with the effects that you enjoy using, I would definitely bring that along since it is easy to move in/out from the performance area.

The whole thing with the music is pretty easy-going. Plan to sing several songs that you think that most other people will know. There is nothing more disappointing than to work up a song to perform and then find that there is no one else at the event that has even heard it before. Stick with the tried and true and you will likely find more people able to support you.


Let's talk backline gear ...

I will bring a PA, stands and mics for vocals. I think that I can talk my friend Johnnie into bringing a couple of cabinets for monitors.

I was also going to bring both of my Executives for those who don't want to lug an amp and are willing to play through one of those. So, if you are okay playing through someone else's amp, then consider that both of those will be there. I will also have an acoustic guitar amplifier there if you want to play acoustic guitar.

Who has a set of drums that they are willing to bring and share with the other drummers? For some reason, I had in my mind that someone was going to bring a Gretsch kit, but now I can't remember who it was. Maybe afm_380 Joe?

What about a bass rig? I can bring mine, but I would prefer not to since I am already loading in/out my PA gear. However, if we can't find a bass rig, then I can, of course, bring mine.

Do we have anyone who wants to play keyboard this year? I just spoke with Parabar this morning and I know that we are sure going to be missing his keys there again this year. Hopefully, next year he can get back to join us again. Let me know if you are a keyboard player or are bringing along someone who is. We can then figure out the gear for that.

What else am I forgetting?


So, it appears that I am going to need two or three powered speakers for monitors. Does anyone have any that they can bring with them?


I spoke with afm_380 and he is going to bring a Gretsch drum kit and a bass rig. So, the powered monitors are what we continue to lack.


After rummaging through a few more boxes I found...

A set of Gold Jade Keystone Klusons circa 1960's...nice vintage look to them...

And, an aged piece of Fender-style silver Grille Cloth, enough to do a Combo Amp baffle...

And, a Gold Nashvile Sign Post (Print not Script) 6120 Guard that fits TV Classics or Filters...


Less than two weeks now until the Roundup. Yet, only one single playlist suggestion. While I know that we have a lot of very good players who attend our Roundup, it might be helpful to some less experienced players who might want to join in on the fun.

Be sure to throw in an acoustic guitar and let's get some acoustic tunes working at an outdoor location, perhaps down in the little amphitheater below the dining hall.



If you think it wise for us to limit our gear due to space in the Hall, then I'll oblige. All the amps cannot be on at once...

Well, thinking about it some more, maybe they can...!


I'll bring my Compleat Beatles SongBook, and several other sets of sheet music.

We can surely figure a few Beatles tunes....

I'm mainly a 60's generation guy, ending mid-70's, then all the compositions I've worked up.


That will benefit some; however, some people may be aural learners and would benefit from being able to listen to some songs in advance.

Just a thought. If anyone wants to do a particular song, post a video of it here or in the playlist in the Happenings section.


So, it appears that I am going to need two or three powered speakers for monitors. Does anyone have any that they can bring with them?

– Ric12string

I have 3 EV ZLX 1000 watt 12” monitors. Should I bring them?


I have 3 EV ZLX 1000 watt 12” monitors. Should I bring them?

– Powertronman

If it's not too much trouble, yes, please.

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