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2018 California Gold Rush Roundup Registration Has Begun! (WITH COR


Okay, we are starting to see some registrations roll in. It will be great fun to see all of you guys again!


My friend Eric who came and played drums for us last year was originally planning on coming, but now says he can't make it. I'll double check with him regarding the date cross-up, but likely we'll have one less drummer...


With the date confusion, are we sure Parabar can't make it?

I have access to a van and some guys with ski masks if he needs some extra assistance getting there...

Just really hoping he could be there...


Paul, Parabar's inability to attend this year was not due to scheduling. I am hopeful that he will join us again next year.


With the change of date I’m in too.


I am in... North Carolina that week.

But not having fun, I promise you.


I am in... North Carolina that week.

But not having fun, I promise you.

– Proteus

C'mon, Tim, you can work in a trip to see your grandchildren at the same time. Better yet, invite them all to Camp Lodestar.


But...that would require my being in two places at once. I’m too old for that.


But...that would require my being in two places at once. I’m too old for that.

– Proteus

But, your split personality could accommodate that, couldn't it?


He may be schizophrenic, but he's always got each other!


Some of you might remember The Firesign Theater...

"Oh, how can you be in two places at once...when you're not anywhere at all"


Quantum Physics has proven that atoms can indeed occupy two places simultaneously. Human Consciousness, far from "not being anywhere at all," is better described as being everywhere at once, although we tend to be preoccupied with what's immediately in front of us, rendering us unaware of the vastness of the rest.

As one of my favorite musician/philosophers, Bill Champlin, put it:

"Come on, get out of the cold
You may enjoy getting old
Come in to where it is
And you'll be everywhere."


I barely have the psychic stamina to be in one place at a time anymore.


BUT! Let this side banter not distract readers from the Prime Directive: line up, sign up now for duty in the near future at the RickyBob Gold-Rushin' Californ-i-ay Roundup!

All the cool kids will be there. I'll just be square.


I went through my stuff, these items will come to the RoundUp for Exchange. If there were to be some interest for more details or photos before then please send me a note...

1) A pair of matched SED/Svetlana Winged C 6L6GC's with 06 24 markings. When I was modding my CVR 10 years ago I bought a whole variety of tubes...pretty much so I would be set forever. They have only seen a little play time, at most a couple hours. I preferred the Sovtek 6L6WXT+ of which I have two sets.

2) A Barcus Berry Insider/Outsider piezo

3) A Pick Up the World #25 undersaddle ArchTop piezo

4) A Tillman discrete 3dB FET Pre-Amp Kit pedal with a few extra spare components. The Tillman is an interesting slight "boost" pedal with the advantage of reestablishing high frequency balance with the JFET...perfect with piezos, long signal cords, and/or a pedal board.

5) A Pocket RockIt HeadPhone Amp

There will be a bunch of free-bies, too...


Just a brief note to remind you that, if you would like one of the Roundup t-shirts, please check out the T-Shirt thread for all of the information.

I will be needing to get the order in to our printer in about ten days so that he will have time to print the shirts up. So, please PayPal the funds to me along with the information about what size, men's/women's, etc. And, of course, the color that you would like, as long as it is black.

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