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2017 Gretsch California Gold Rush Roundup — Save The Dates!


Parabar, I think that we can make a firm commitment to you that what happened last year will not reoccur. It may require me to ride herd on the volume levels of all amplifiers, but I am committed to doing so if that is what it takes. We were dealing with a new environment there at Camp Lodestar and I think that we learned a lot from that experience about what some of the causes were and how we might be able to address them.

Also, the camp manager, Jeff, has been really eager to resolve the excessive muddiness caused by the reverberation and echo in the room. Because they have other musical groups that use the Camp, he immediately went out and bought the baffling and installed it to give a better treatment to the sound.

So, between those two things, along with a mindfulness of all attendees and my constant reminders to watch volume levels, I think that we can get that sound issue under manageable control.

I think that the key to this (as it is, frankly, in any other performance environment) is, rather than following the first instinct to turn up one's volume, the correct instinct must be to have everyone else turn down. I anticipate that volume levels will be a frequent topic of discussion.

I completely understand the desire to spend time in the studio and, if that occurs at the time of the Roundup, then we will obviously wish you much success as you work on your recordings. On the other hand, I don't want the memory of last year's experience to cloud your vision of what can be our common experience this year. We will manage the issue, I promise you that, not only for your benefit, but for all of our benefit. I value what hearing I still have.


I'm happy to see a date has been set! I've marked the dates on my calendar and will plan on this Roundup. Hollywood says she'll go as well. I'll reach out to Hot Rod Michelle and see if she can make it.


It isn't a California Roundup without you girls there, Sarah. Glad to hear that you will be attending!


Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I haven't ventured into the Meet and Greet lately.

Making plans to be there, no calendar conflicts at this point, which means I can most likely prevent them from happening. I won't bring any speakers bigger than 8," (which will leave more room in the car for guitars) and will be happy to keep the volume down. If everyone else does the same, it should be a great time. And you couldn't ask for a prettier location or nicer hosts.


so no booze or loud music? what about drugs and sex? I have a prescription for dealing w hippies and beatles fans. Its orange and kills fascists


so no booze or loud music? what about drugs and sex? I have a prescription for dealing w hippies and beatles fans. Its orange and kills fascists


We are able to drink alcohol on the premises, Tavo. We don't need any stuporish drunks, but drinking as we did where we shared some bottles of wine, or beers, etc., was certainly fine.

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