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2016 Indy RU, political free zone?!


With all the hate, accusations, lies, & manipulations that have been going on for over a year now would if be possible to keep the RU free of any or all of this crap, please?!

These two idiots have invaded way too much of my "SPACE"!


Curt, I agree.

I generally keep my politics to myself anyway. But if the situation arises, I might mention how Trump prefers ESP and Jackson guitars, while Hillary is more of a Dean and BC Rich person-- 'cuz they're both closet metalheads anyway. Other than that... no political discussions, weeping, or gnashing of teeth in despair over who lost/won, R vs. D, L vs. R, etc.


I'm in and I agree. You might hear me bitching if I break a string though.


And, by all NOT bring up the dreaded "Zero Fret".


It'll be over by the RU, except for all of those moving out of the country. At least we have two years of reasonable peace and quiet before it all starts up again.


If it happens, I'll help you hold them down and shave off their eyebrows, sharpie in new ones!! 'ehole!!


Any punishment though of for bringing up Pledge!


Needs a demerit system!

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