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Hello fine Gretsch folk, It has been my intention to introduce myself formally (actually shy away from stuff like this) and thought that it was high time. I have been lurking around these parts for quite awhile and have only recently been posting. I'm not much of a player at all, in fact have only seriously been pursuing playing for a few years, having spent many years as a drummer (30+).

After a good pal who was also the boarder for our dog was moving away and gave me a Montaya acoustic I have had the bug. Since that time I have been acquiring guitars and playing as much as I can. I'm almost as much into the search and modification process of guitars as I am the playing part. Being a lifelong fan of The Beatles and sixties music in general, I naturally find myself here.

So, anyhow, one resolution is down, to introduce myself to this very fine community of guitar enthusiasts. I've learned so much here already and hope to be around picking up knowledge and friends for a long time to come. Oh and eventually getting that Gretsch that I've wanted for awhile now - a single Anniversary in that lovely two-tone green! Happy New Year everyone!



Hey Doug, I didn't realize you were new here. It feels like I've been reading your posts for months but welcome anyway!

Anniversary's are great. I would love to own one myself one day.


Welcome up but I as well have seen your Avatar for some time. Two tone green annies are way cool!


Now that we've been formally introduced, I have to tell you that I personally do not believe that life is complete without a fine Gretsch in your collection. We'll be watching for your acquisition...


Welcome to the nut house Doug.:D


Welcome Doug. Good luck in your search for that Ani. General_Lee, your avatar is making me sad.


Thanks ya'll. I've been here for awhile, mainly as a lurker. Hope to contribute more, lurk less. In fact, I may start another thread about the Ani that got away. :|



Welcome, Ya know most people "break" their resolutions....make sure you keep coming back and don't revert to "lurking"!


Welcome, Doug!

Annies are a splendid choice. As single Annies go, I mostly play rhythm, and I'd like to have one myself. Uncomplicated and clean-looking!

It is important to bear in mind that pursuit of a single Annie does two things:

  • It puts you in the vintage camp (there are no modern-era single Annies) with relatively few examples from which to choose (and condition will always be a bugaboo in your search)

  • It limits your tone options; if you are chasing the Beatles/'60's vibe, that bridge pickup can come in handy (trust me, I chase that myself!)



Paul - Hmm, hadn't really thought that they never reissued a single Annie. Good point. Chasing that tone is a funny thing...I have several guitars (cheap cheap ones that I like to have modded) and they all offer something interesting tone-wise. Its funny how my interest in playing guitar started with "gee, I'd just like to be able to play on my own demo tunes" and has morphed into "gee, I'd really like to achieve X tone, so I must get Y guitar". HA!



Welcome aboard! Don't forget---Gretsch builds some fine drums as well. It's a neverending search for tone. Enjoy the hunt!


Hi Slim - yeah them Gretsch drums (vintage) are a bit of the holy grail. Don't see them up for sale too often and when you do people seem to ask big bucks. I'm a bargain guy.

One day I will replace the vintage Ludwig kit I had that had a 20" bass drum and had Champagne Sparkle! I though it was ugly then...funny how tastes change. I want that kit again!


Doug, welcome. Love the avatar. Gary Mitchell rules!


Thanks Silverjetstaff - Trek and the Beatles ... I'll never get enough of either. ;-)


Welcome fellow Trekker.


Bear - Thanks for the welcome and for that!

Have to say, I'm an original series guy. TNG and its spinoffs never really grabbed me. Probably time to give them another chance. It is winter in the Northeast after all.


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