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2012 NorCal Spring Jam


I'll be there! Probably not Carol though :(


I'll be there! Probably not Carol though :(

– FritzTheCat

I'll be there! Probably not Carol though :(

– FritzTheCat

That's it, I'm not going... !#$@% !#$@% ;-)


SissieKidd was REALLY hoping to get another set in with Carol ... I guess we'd better get signed up for the surf sessions in Nevada City.


Doc, Bonedadady, Fritz, Macphisto ... Who else is coming to the Spring Jam? Parabar, Yetto and son, Burtch and family, the SoCal girls ... ???

Just a few short weeks away ... ;o)


I'm trying to make it. It's never a sure thing for me until I am on the road. But, I'm trying.

I believe that Parabar reported a while ago that he would not be able to attend due to an important gig that conflicted with the date. Yettoblaster is on a trip, I believe, and I am not certain if he will be back in time for it. I believe he will be, but I am not absolutely certain.


Joe, I'd LOVE to make the spring jam. It's always a pleasure to spend time with you and yours - and the west coast crew.

It just won't be in the cards for me this year, though...


I just got in from playing at the Schoolhouse. They are REALLY looking forward to our little gathering.
We understand that you're a busy man Tim, hopefully we'll see you in September.


Aw fooey, ya had to go and schedule it for the day I'll be riding 103 miles and climbing about 6100 feet around northern San Diego County. Makin' me choose between bicycling and guitar playing, that's just not fair. But seein' as my hotel room in SD is non-refundable, unfortunately, the decision's been made. Maybe next time. Have fun, I'm still gonna be at the RoundUp no matter what happens.


I'm hoping.

I should be in CA then, but may have a sideman gig on that date.

Steven the younger is working.

This will either work out or not. I'd love to make it. We'll see! :|

Here's hoping. I've been looking fwd to it.


Linda and I are going to try to make it if I can get time off. Here's hopin'. Burch and Linda


Good to hear that you are all hopin' to make it out. Let's see ... if we all pool together, with a couple bucks each we can pay giffenf's non-refundable hotel room bill, and see where his loyality REALLY lies ... !#$@%


it's not as if he couldn't pretend he's buying another Talman, nudge nudge ;)

definitely planning on being there. i'm going to make my life simple and just bring guitars this time, and my bass. i don't think y'all have seen my Jazz Bass. i have to decide whether to bring the Laney or just the little Electar amp.


the stage is pretty small, but we'll make room for whatever you decide to bring ... C-Ya'll soon


Sorry, folks --- I'll have to miss it. My Latin band has a gig both days that weekend at a winery in Sonoma County.

We played yesterday at a car show in Danville (classic Corvettes!), debuting our new horn section (they sounded great!), and Juan Escovedo (son of Pete and brother of Sheila E.) played timbales and percussion --- BIG fun!


you're in a Latin band? is this in addition to the Taz? and are all members of the Escovedo family issued a drum at birth? :)

i think i'm just going to bring the small amp...the building looks small, and it should be plenty loud, especially if there's a 4 ohm cabinet with 1 or 2 12" speakers i can use. you know me...i'm not exactly Mr. Clean Headroom.


Yep --- Taz isn't doing much these days, so I'm playing with three other groups on occasion. Bautista, the Latin jazz/rock/samba fusion band ( is the most active; I also work occasionally with Lumanation (reggae/funk/rock/hip-hop --- sorta like Michael Franti meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers with some Marley and Tosh in the mix) and Bass Culture --- a Caribbean/West African/blues mixture.

And actually, I think the Escovedo DNA has so much rhythm in it that their hearts beat mambo and rumba rhythms in utero --- even before they get their hands on any drums! There may be some exceptions, though. Celebutante Nicole Richie has Escovedo DNA, but so far hasn't demonstrated any musical propensities.


Gosh, you guys are so nice. But I'm afraid it's still a no-go. This is one ride I'm sorta gettin' paid to do (in exchange for shooting helmet cam video of the ride like this one from last year: Link... or the LA River Ride: Link....

And maybe the Talman refin project will be done by RoundUp time.


Ok ... One week away from bringing 'The Great Gretsch Sound' to the walls of The Old Schoolhouse, the lil local paper just asked to do a piece on the event. We're about to be Famous ... ;o)



Can't make it.

Just got home from my Rt66 odessy and there was a message about a gig the 19th.


I very much wanted to support your efforts afm_180! :(


Sorry to here that you won't be able to make it, Yetto. I was REALLY hoping to learn some more from you ... selfish me.

Has anybody heard from the SoCal girls ???


Linda and I are still planning on coming. Do we need any special directions? We we probably coming on highway 88. Do you know anything about this route? Thinking of bringing the fiddle on this trip, leaving the 5 string and bagpipes a'home. Burch and Linda


EXCELLENT ... is a BEAUTIFUL route. The Old Schoolhouse will be the first building on the right as you come down the hill (hwy88) into Pine Grove.


one of the nicest parts of last year was the trip up...Google Mapped me off of 80 fairly early and the last half of the trip was through really pleasant countryside. this time i want to try to find even more non-freeway routing...i hate I-80 passionately.


Things are looking pretty sketchy for me getting away this weekend. If I am able to make it, I will probably just show up sometime in the morning and then head back up the hill again in the late afternoon or evening. But, even that is appearing doubtful at the moment.

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