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Electro Easton on the Bay


Paul, visit Mark's Facefook profile or check out his Flickr postings - all the individual portraits are there.


Thanks for the tip Cheeks! 8-) Got a link to the flickr photos? I'm not on fb.


I just found it thanks! Event section under mark's comments.

I'll be adding the photos Larisa and I took.


A good option Dave...and everyone...is to upload photos to a site like Shutterfly and order prints from there, of whatever size you like.

We were full this year...no rooms or beds left (with deluxe rooms booked). We had a great crowd but, thankfully and more importantly, we had an outstanding group of folks. The spirit was as rich as ever.

I talked to Fred Jr. yesterday and he said that he and Anne had a terrific time...had drunk the kool-aid...and will definitely be back next year. We're already planning ahead. How great are they, by the way? And for that matter...how 'bout that Great Gretsch Angus beef? Wow!



That's a nice series of photo's, seeing the family grow......


Very cool shot. I can see Prot is practicing the Michael Jackson baby dangle with his pink BB. And he's semi-climbing the railing in a dangerous way. Plus his tie might be too complex for my visual decoding capacities. But that's how you give more impact to an already great photo.


Yeah, I felt like the whole Gretschin' family was there, Steve.8-)

Hey Joe, You still got the words to the Round-up tune? I'd love to see a copy posted.

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