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2011 Nashville Roundup Group Photo…


Paul, visit Mark's Facefook profile or check out his Flickr postings - all the individual portraits are there.


Thanks for the tip Cheeks! 8-) Got a link to the flickr photos? I'm not on fb.


I just found it thanks! Event section under mark's comments.

I'll be adding the photos Larisa and I took.


A good option Dave...and to upload photos to a site like Shutterfly and order prints from there, of whatever size you like.

We were full this rooms or beds left (with deluxe rooms booked). We had a great crowd but, thankfully and more importantly, we had an outstanding group of folks. The spirit was as rich as ever.

I talked to Fred Jr. yesterday and he said that he and Anne had a terrific time...had drunk the kool-aid...and will definitely be back next year. We're already planning ahead. How great are they, by the way? And for that 'bout that Great Gretsch Angus beef? Wow!



That's a nice series of photo's, seeing the family grow......


Very cool shot. I can see Prot is practicing the Michael Jackson baby dangle with his pink BB. And he's semi-climbing the railing in a dangerous way. Plus his tie might be too complex for my visual decoding capacities. But that's how you give more impact to an already great photo.


Yeah, I felt like the whole Gretschin' family was there, Steve.8-)

Hey Joe, You still got the words to the Round-up tune? I'd love to see a copy posted.


Thanks again Mark for the terrific photo (and link)!!!


My Dad and Mom own a small matting and framing business called "Framing Works". My wife Larisa had our Nashville Round Up group photo framed for me for my birthday! Thought I'd share my "gift".

Couple of closeup photos taken with my phone to show the quality. I am very proud of my parents and they do a great job and provide quality service. Their biggest client is Appalachain State University, my twin brother and I are alumni. They keep them very busy with sport items and plenty of photos and personal artwork and momentos.

Closeup of the mats


Back details



My 1st Round Up swag! I'll be getting this recent one done up in a similar style


I might end up inheriting this business years from now. I have a little exp. in it but not much.

Can you pick out my 3 guitars? A hint, Blonde, Sunburst and Gold.

Another thing, Dad mentioned why he chose Blue for one of the mats and I could not guess why. He told me and it makes sence. Can you guess why?

Who's holding the gift guitars?

Who's missing from the photo(could be a loaded question, but someBODY is not in the frame)?


Man, that is really nice!


Hey Paul. That looks fabulous...both do. Way to go Larisa! You parents do a terrific job. And I noticed the blue mat at first glance, and figured it for the jeans that everyone is wearing. Everybody but you, apparently. What size print is it?

Appy State huh? I was over in Boone last Thanksgiving.


Thanks fellas! 12 x 18 I think. Yeah blue jeans, and I'm sporting brown kahkis! Good ole where in the Brown Jug territory.


Beautiful framing job Paul. Way to go, your parents!

Mark's not in the picture.


...and I don't see Mr.Spudnut.


Hold the presses! I DO see Mr.Spudnut! He's behind Steve, and checking out Curt's foot.


Every time I look at these pics, I get a big, big smile.

That was fun.


I use that picture as my desktop wallpaper and I feel good every time I see it. The Nashville Roundup is really a special and fun event. I keep praying for one more.


Paul, we posted links to the pics, and you can see them on facebook, even if you're not joined up.

Here's links to my pics of Nashville 2011:



I can't seem to find the link Mark had for his pics, but he did post it here somewhere.

I looked in the happenings section, and our comments seem to be missing, maybe it was there?


Yeah Greg! Mark is not in he frame. Need to PS him in.8-) Thanks guys. I'm proud of it.

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