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2 Gretsch’s 1 week. Hi i am new here


On friday (8th) i ordered a new g5420t in fairlane blue. Not even here yet. New hardcase too. Today (9th) i go in to a pawn shop and find an old 6117 anniversary model. Whoa the git cup runneth over. The old one even has the Gretsch addon vibrato device. Dont see those often.

The old one needs work but what the heck she will be a fine addition to the family (I hope).

Hello again glad to be here. Now just need to figure out how to embed a few pics of the old girl.


Chech out the added wamulater


Ahhh new old toy smell


She needs work. The tone switch and vol pot needs attention and the neck really needs attention. Up to the 12th fret shes a doll, after that???

Well great for high end slide right?

Beat up a little but i hope the 5 4 0 i paid with the non original hc will prove to be a small backside boinking.


Welcome to all things Gretsch! The Fairlane Blue quite popular around here, and the vintage Annies always make for a good discussion. Assuming no major surgery is required, that's a great price! That contraption on the Annie's strings should go away unless you're a fan of changing broken strings regularly. If you want a Bigsby effect, then put on a Bigsby!

Could you please tell us the S/N as even magnified I can't make it out.


Howdy the serial is 72380.

The string vibe will likely come off but they are kinda rare. I havent seen one in a long time. Cool conversation starter.

Reminds me of bridge cover on teles and especially strats. Interesting but better off.


Welcome aboard!


Good choices. Welcome and congrats.


Wow, two in one week. You have come to the right place, welcome aboard.


Welcome aboard!

You even got the dreaded Tone Twister on that deal! You're starting your Gretsch addiction off properly!


Welcome to the nut house Eyerish!

Congrats on a couple of cool geets.


Thanks for the 65 catalog. I do wish i could look at it. It keeps the pages hidden to the left of the screen and the shy little boogers wont come out.

Thanks for the welcome. I had many years ago a gretsch or two. I also jobbered and worked at a so cal guitar center, so many passed through my hands.

I am a tele/strat guy. The fact is though that the gretsch hallowbody sound is so unique and heard distinctly that i feel one needs an example or two in the git pantheon that is my lot in life.

Now all i need is to siphon the talent of Chet/Brian as Darth might say.

"My training is complete."

Thanks for the welcome folks look forward to mercilessly bending your ears (virtually of course).


The Tone Twister came with the Annies originally but most were removed. Yours may be original to the Annie. Here's a '65 catalog and you can see it on page 6.

– lx

Does anyone have a pricelist for this Gretsch Catalogue #32 please?

I have this catalogue too and I notice that the description and pic for the Gent shows it having double mutes, which I thought were gone by '65. Can someone clarify this please? Maybe the early '65's had them and they were switched later that year. And the catalogue would've been printed by the end of '64 wouldn't it?


That's a cool Anniversary! You won't use the Tone Twister, but keep it as a neat Gretsch conversation piece. Btw, they still had mutes in '66. My '66 Gent has them.


That's a cool Anniversary! You won't use the Tone Twister, but keep it as a neat Gretsch conversation piece. Btw, they still had mutes in '66. My '66 Gent has them.

– duojet55

Mine does not December 1966. Nice guitars


Cool find and nice to have you aboard!


Welcome! I like your storytelling skills and your guitars.


Mine does not December 1966. Nice guitars

– Nick6120

The early ones with the date-coded serial numbers on the back of the headstock still had them. And that would have been August of '66, so sometime between August and December of '66 is when they switched to the single mute.


Anyway, back to the OP. Yes, at $540 you got a great deal, especially if it's as nice as it appears to be. Pics are foggy, but I think I'm seeing a pretty clean guitar. I'm sure you'll get the neck issues sorted out.


Welcome to the GDP and Congrats! Nice Guitar!

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