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Yeehaw!!! It’s a Roundup!! Nashville 2020


Hey fellow GDP'ers

I've got a date nailed down for our little party in the hills and holller's of Tennessee.

It's getting more and more difficult to nail down a date @ Hachland. It's a busy little place with a great charm and there are thumb-pickers and other events that are scheduled near the same time frame.

It's all good though. It's all about the enthusiasm that we all have and the love of Gretsch guitars, right brothers and sisters?

This year we will be celebrating the fact that our illustrious leader has kept this site going for 25 years. That is not an easy task and we should appreciate everything Bax does in the background behind the curtain. Especially since he and the Missus weren't able to attend last year. We missed you guys.

So where? Well as always it's @ Hachland Hills retreat in Joelton Tennessee just ten minutes away from Nashville. There are plenty of opportunities to sneak off and see the sites or just hang back and breathe the fresh air in the hills of Hachland. Pick up a guitar and play, Like ole Pete Townshend says! Turn it up LOUD in the barn or or make it acoustic and hang out in the cabin or some of the other nice areas around the acreage. A shout out to Taffy here! Don't be a stranger, you're in the neighborhood so come up and visit fer gawsh-sakes! So WHEN? Well we're hoping that the global warming (lets not talk about that, please. Only here for referrence) doesn't cook us while we're there.

So here it is...August 27-30

Yeah, I know. It's usually hot in the Midwest in August. This could possibly end up like a Richard Simmons video where you're "Sweating with the Oldies." but lets hope not. But...if so, there's usually plenty of cold beer and always a cool place to go and cool off.

So at this point, I'm thinking positive. So lets check the boxes....

Cool friends with cool gear...CHECK

Great Hachspitality.......CHECK

Gretsch Guitars and fun music....CHECK!!!

Great food and Drink....CHECK

A beautiful atmosphere....CHECK

So at this moment, I'm not going to sweat it. I'm just happy that we get to romp around in the hills of Tennessee again and make some noise with some very cool people.

See y'all in August! Loves ya!

So....Who's in?


My work schedule has kept me away in recent years, but I will sure make an effort!


If it's really hot, we can reminisce about the first Nashville Roundup.


I'll say that I am in!

I'd like a bed in the attic with the other flowers, please?


Well yeah, that's where we keep all the special people.


Hachspitality - that's genius, Dave. Copyright and barter with Carter for room service.


I'm in ... and yes, hold a spot in the attic with Cookie Monster please.


Hachspitality - that's genius, Dave. Copyright and barter with Carter for room service.

– NJBob

I actually stole that from their website.

I wish I were that clever.


If it's really hot, we can reminisce about the first Nashville Roundup.

– Baxter

No worries there... August is traditionally THE hottest month in Tennessee.

Nevertheless, I'll be there for sure.


I know, Rob. I'm crossing my fingers for an early fall.


Looks good so far for me. Maybe I can get the missus to come this year.


That would be great, Greg.


I may be able to make my first Nashville roundup this year


I hope to be there. Thanks Dave


Okay folks.

I hit up my ole buddy Bob Howard to see if he were available for T-shirt design. He has done our T-shirt design for the past few years. Well at least the past few since I took the reigns. He has came up with some very cool designs and I appreciate his work.

This year he has decided to give another GDPer a chance at it. Which one? Well that's up to you guys.

Is there anyone out there that would like to take up the task?

If so contact me please via email at... dmiller AT dpat dot com

I know we have plenty of time but I just wanted to throw it out there to the masses.



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