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WinterNAMM‘10 Gretsch Artist Performances

This thread will gather in one place all the audio and video of Gretsch artists who played at NAMM. Links are provided with each performance to the relevant page in the main NAMM thread, where you can find pics and commentary. (As well as the same files linked here.) Here it's short and sweet: artist, performance time, links to more info, and the music and video itself. It's a feast.
Cousin Harley featuring Bobby Cochran • Introducing the 6120EC Eddie Cochran Tribute Model • Wednesday, Jan 13, 5:30 PM Page 3 in main thread. . _____ Audio Cousin Harley: Twenty Flight Rock Cuz Harley: Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie Bobby Cochran Intro Bobby Cochran w/Cuz Harley: Summertime Blues/La Bamba Bobby & the Cuz: C'Mon Everybody Awards and Recognitions Cousin Harley bonus mini-set ______ Bonus video! Bobby Cochran, Cuz Harley, and the Custom Shop Dancers
thanx prot, I just listened to all of the Rancid files. Awesome job
favorited this thread so I can grab all the audio when I get home. Thanks for the great coverage Tim.
I musk get Civet - I musk get Civet
Proteus said: Cousin Harley featuring Bobby Gibson
Little typo there Tim.
Well, the boy hasn't had any sleep. Gibson, Cochran; same thing. BTW, Bobby Cochran and ol' Cuz really rock out there. Thoroughly enjoyable.
civet was the only one I caught did you see ukelele ray a few booths down? now that was kinda cool
On the subject of Cousin Harley, did anyone attending NAMM hear when they're new album might be out? I'm itching to hear some new Cousin Harley.
Thanks for catching the typo - repaired. Hope I didn't do that in any of the video titles (which will be harder to fix). I'm sure someone will let me know. _____ Paul says sometime in the spring for the new album. April, maybe? He'll pop in and clarify, I bet.
Tim, the Biscuit Makin' video isn't working, the cover of the this book doesn't match the music.
Thanks for posting all this, Proteus!
Thanks Curt, I have fixed yon biscuits. It should be noted that Guthrie is playing a standard Silver Jet with Dynas, and it sounds as good to me as any guitar I ever heard.
Now thems some fine biskets! Man if I could play like that....
Great job Tim! Any Jeff Beck clips on the way? Cheers!
No Beck, alas. I do have Phil Collen, though, captured stealthily as he jammed through the G-Dec in the artists lounge. Phil Collen G-DEC Shred

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