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Who’s Going to the Brooklyn Roundup?


NEW Jet sighting at the Roundup...

– Joe Carducci/Gretsch Guitars

Finally got you to a Roundup! Well done!


Looks like another Grestch Blast of a time!

I'm envious.


I left early, but good time and good musicians. Thanks to Rocky, Joe, Paul and the Firefly.


It was fun! That’s me with the Jet. Made the tortoise pick guard myself in about forty minutes. Had a real blast playing bass on some jazzier material later on.


Super excited to win the White Falcon Rancher in the drawing! Thanks a zillion Joe and everyone at Gretsch who made it happen, Paul, Rocky, and others. (And especially the dancers, who picked my number!)


Seadevil, it was great to finally meet you after all these years on the GDP. You're hella fun to play with, too!

Next year, we need to get both of our Clubs onstage at the same time.

And "yes" to an advance playlist! We've done them at other Roundups in the past, and it makes for smoother going.



Nice to finally see Seadevil in a Roundup photograph.

Please post up some more photographs, Paul, when you have the time.


Thank you Paul, Rocky and Joe!

What a stellar event. It was great to bond with old friends and meet many new ones.

As far as the music... Wow, what talent... Really, I think that there was not a shabby performance all day... On the contrary I was blown away.

OK... Photos to follow...


Ha! I guess I missed this thread in my search for updates. Looks like y'all had fun! Congrats! neilda.


I'll file a report by the weekend. I've been busy getting ready for the next two or three things.


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