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We’re gonna have a Roundup Nashville 2021


The aforementioned salad...


I know that this was bar-b que pulled pork with collared greens and I can't remember what the yellow stuff was but it was all yummy.


This desert was a WOW! Some sort of a brownie with a creme brioulette on top, Holy Heck it was good.


Everything Carter makes is just wonderful and most meals have edible flower petals on them. I never knew flowers tasted so good. I thought they were just pretty.

The food is just one indication of why it's so special at Hachland. I do know that when we all get together in Hachland that the place becomes magical. It's the people that come here for our event and I want to thank all of you for making this all so fun. I get a lot of Thanks for putting this event together but it really takes all of you to make it special.

I'd love to sit here and say thanks to each one of you but I know I'd forget something or someone so again, just thanks to all of you. Everyone brings something special whether it's bringing a P.A. system or helping me set it up or cleaning up on Sunday morning after it's all said and done. You guys all hold a special part of my heart. I can't think of one of you that didn't ask if you could help in some way, and you all did. My heart is full. Coming back to work this week was difficult. It gets more and more dificult to leave on Sunday morning, every year.

I'm working on the videos that I took with my Go pro but they didn't come out that well. I'll likely just make a single compilation video with everything.

See y'all, September of 2022


Last one for today...Carter got up to sing with Bryan for a Blink 182 song. Carter is going to be a Daddy soon.


I haven't transferred the pics off of my camera yet, hope to get it done this weekend. This includes the group shot.


A tease of the event...


Jolene by Mimi wins the weekend, IMO.


Jolene was nice, unfortunaltely, I don't think I have any video of that.


The Nashville Roundup looked like a Great time,, Again.

Im trying to convince some SoCal guys to attend next year, and so far its looking very doable.


It would be great to see you again, Manny, and having more people to the party, is always more fun!


Has anyone seen sight of the group picture?


Has anyone seen sight of the group picture?

– JBGretschGuy

Entirely my fault. I've been slammed with work. Hope to get it posted sometime before the next Roundup.


Hey- did you guys make the trek into town on friday to check out the guitar shops, and if so, did anybody bring anything home?


I don't think anybody bought a guitar on that traditional trek. I did buy a Bloody Mary, though. It's always a fun trip into town, though!!

I have a short clip of NJ Bob leading an Eagles song and it was pretty damn awesome, I think. I'll post if ya'll jump in there, tooo!


An EAGLES song?! Did Proteus sit that one out?


An EAGLES song?! Did Proteus sit that one out?

– Twom

I have no recollection of this, but I guess I’ll soon see.


Bump for Group Picture hopes and dreams.


Thanks for waiting Josh. Here it is...

You can right-click to save the image (at 1600 × 1067 resolution)... OR the pic can be downloaded at original full resolution (3888 × 2592) HERE.


And here are a few other random shots that Amy took---


Those are awesome! Please thank Amy for us, Rob.


I uploaded some of the Go-Pro videos I took at the Roundup. I brought my good camera but forgot to bring an SD card for it so the quality isn't the best.



Great pics, Amy!


Great pictures and vid. Flash Gordon on keys even!

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