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We’re doing this! The Underground Roundup V1.


I know my social hosting abilities suck but all the GDP people make up for that.

Perhaps, but where you might fall short in this category, you far and away exceed expectations in other areas.

For example, few people can authoritatively shout "HEY YOU KIDS! GET OFF OF MY LAWN!" better than Curt.

Like it or not Curt, it looks like you done a good thing therapeutic-wise with this event. Own up and take the credit for pulling it off successfully.


My wife's GrandParents had a 80-acre Farm not more the 3 miles from here off Gulick Road.

Used to be called "Indian Springs Farm", an old Dude Ranch. They bought in the 50's.

Her Aunt and husband took over the property late 70's, sold it late 80's.

Satellite images seem to indicate that the land is still undeveloped. We were always concerned when it Sold out of the family it would become 40 to 80 home sites. Current out buildings are different, and it appears the pre-Revolutionary home has been replaced.

I went to the GrandParent's 50th Anniversary Party there.

My wife was born and lived in Ringoes.


Curt, that is a neat old bank barn, (drive into the loft) which I'm pretty sure was a dairy barn in it's former life. Tell me if I'm wrong!


Said he raised horses. Good story.


looking back, it was a hella gutsy move to organize the event. we were lucky to fall between the peaks of COVID infection, everybody did at least fairly reasonable social distancing, and everything went smoothly. as far as i know no transmission took place, so kudos to all.

but most of all, i remember the absolute JOY of all those folks to be able to get out of this hellish year for a little while, and to play with other people again. me, too. organizing this event was an amazing gift for us, and i'm truly grateful. thanks again.

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