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We Have Struck Gold at the 2017 California Gold Rush Roundup!


And so the 2017 Roundup begins...

The music has begun. From left to right, Frank Giffen (on his self-built "Chet-acaster II) , Rhythmisking (on saxophone), Geoff Stich (fka DrGretsch) (on his 1974 Country Club), Eric (guest of Rhythmisking) (on drums), Mark (guest of Powertronman) (on bass), and Yettoblaster.


Yettoblaster has returned! Steve has been away for a few years from the Roundup due to his music gigging responsibilities. But, he was available this year and has returned to conquer! After playing a little jam, Steve turned to me and said, "Well, I have played my six licks. I guess I'll go home now." I convinced him to try playing them backwards and in different keys and he agreed to stay on for the rest of the weekend.

Welcome back Steve! We've missed you terribly.


DrGretsch (Geoff Stich) has recently acquired a 1974 Country Club. It is just lovely. Blacktop pickups and other Baldwin-era appointments.


How many Roundups can boast a soprano sax? Well we've got ours! Rhythmisking adds a completely different tonal texture to our music playing at the California Gold Rush Roundup.


Some of you who follow Frank Giffen on Facebook have seen his blogging there about his newest build. It is one that he calls a "Chet-acaster II" (this is the second iteration of it).


New to the Roundup experience is Eric, who has come as a guest of Rhythmisking. Wonderful guy who is an excellent drummer.


Back again for his second Roundup is Mark, the guest of Powertronman. Mark was a lucky winner of a guitar last year during the swagfest. By the way, here he is playing a new model of Gretsch bass recently released.


Double-bass set, eh? I hope there's some Who, Allman Brothers, Rush, Vanilla Fudge, and Cream on the menu!


DANG-it. I hate missing playing with y'alls. Yetto, Frank, Dr G, sax, new rhythm sections. WISH I could have managed it.

Also, remind Steve he can stomp on different pedals with his six licks. Changing keys and playing backwards is too hard. You can slow them down and speed them up, though.

I understand Jerry Garcia used to set himself challenges for his improvs (which you can do when the audience doesn't expect verbatim versions of your songs...and when they have high tolerance and low memory anyway). My favorite of Jerry's examples was to play a solo with nothing but whole notes.

Steve could give that a go.


It's remarkable how much that room looks like Clair Tappan.


How many Roundups have there been where we couldn't find a real drummer? In the past, we have had some Roundups without any drummer. At the first California Roundup in 2008, we had to recruit Joe Carducci to sit in on drums.

So, how is it that we not only have drummers, but we have TWO drum kits? We went from no drummers to the Allman Brothers and Doobie Brothers in one fell swoop!


Frank with his Black Falcon Acoustic 6-string.


So, check it out! Frank brought along his Phantom Mandoguitar. The thing sounds fantastic. You should hear him play Streets of Bakersfield with it.


Some of you have met my buddy, Johnnie, before at an earlier Roundup or even at a NAMM Show. He is a local guy in my town with whom I have played a lot of music over the years. Here he is checking out Frank's Mandoguitar.


Also, remind Steve he can stomp on different pedals with his six licks. Changing keys and playing backwards is too hard. You can slow them down and speed them up, though. -- Proteus

Steve sez "Guitar to Cord to Amp. Nuthin' else."


It's remarkable how much that room looks like Clair Tappan.

– Proteus

Yep. We stole the Clair Tappaan Lodge and moved it down here into the Motherlode Country.


No electric mandolinotars. Bad idea. REDALERTBUZZERNOISE.

Yeah yeah, cord to amp. I know. OK, he can use different color cords.


After getting up to pack up my Gold Rush SUV with assorted gear, and running some last minute errands for necessary Roundup supplies, I pointed my horseless chariot south towards South Lake Tahoe. The problem, I soon learned, is that getting to the Roundup in the normal three hours is next to impossible with all of the incredible scenery that there is to see and enjoy. I found myself having to pull the car over to the side of the road so often that it took me waaaay too long to get to Wilseyville.


My little town is connected to Lake Tahoe by the Truckee River. After having about four or five years of drought, it is so refreshing to see water rushing down the River.


Even the wildlife was out on the River.


Lake Tahoe is quite simply one of the most beautiful places that God ever made. Its shoreline is 75.1 miles long and is 191 square miles (122,200 acres). It has a maximum depth of 1645 feet making it the second deepest lake in the United States and 11th deepest in the world.

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