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VLV 19 Road Trip


And two minutes after leaving Big Al's there was Canada. The Peace Arch crossing (this time in daylight to bookend the pre-dawn shot coming the other way at the start of this thread).


Ahhh....home sweet home. Even though I'm only a relative noob in Canada (relative being the operative word since I married a Canadian gal), and I lived many years in the US and am a proud US citizen as well as being super proud of my native land, Ireland, Vancouver Canada is where my heart is. I love coming back here.


...a quick jaunt over the Alex Fraser Bridge and Vancouver is just a few minutes away.


Cruising through East Van. Directly ahead are the North Shore Mountains and the city of North Vancouver. The mountains are clouded in today but on a clear day this is a truly breathtaking view. Almost home...


The downtown Vancouver skyline as I roll into our dear Downtown Eastside home. This is the poorest neighborhood in the whole of Canada but we have been proud to call it home to our business for the past 13 years and our residential home for the past two years. This little railway flyover is two minutes from home.


....and we're home. VLV 19 Roadtrip done and dusted!


Fantastic, home safe!

This has been such an adventure, feeling like we have all been on the trip together.


north to alaska...nitroG!! haha

the taxi intro was actually over the 59th st/queensboro bridge in nyc...the bridge that connects the borough of queens(and long island beyond) to manhattan..and immortalized by simon & garfunkels 59th st bridge song (feeling groovy)...about that (groovy) feeling of crossing from the familiar to somewhere magickal..bridges are like that..

great thread

tho i'd like to hear more about the abbey road sessions..i'm a bit out of the loop as far as what was going on your participation???


– neatone

The Abbey Road sessions were held to record the score to "Sausage Party" (Ha!) an animated movie I'm Directing and that my animation studio has been making for the past 6 years. It's just about done and will be released in the US and Canada on August 12th.

The score was composed by a friend of mine, Chris Lennertz, and multi Oscar winning composer Alan Menken.

Hearing the score played by the London Philharmonia Orchestra in the incredible Studio 1 at Abbey Road defied description. Just so very grateful that I was a part of it all. Even if it did interrupt the Roadtrip


One last photo to post. This was in Oregon on Day 1 of the trip but is a very fitting photo for Betty Lou and I to say thank you to you guys and for me to say thank you to Betty Lou...the best Roadtrip companion I could have



Great thread . . . and I hope your film is a success.


Welcome home Nitro! This was the best thread on the website since I've been a member.

If you're going to see Nicole ask her to see my project. She finally got the tiger maple in to laminate with the thin ebony for the Fleetwood's new neck.


Thanks, NitroG, for the entertaining description of your travels. I am inclined to believe that you are a brave man pushing a sixty year old car upwards of 80 mph; then again, what do I know about cars? You made it and that is all that matters.

By the way, I have never seen a garage as clean as yours. Betty Lou is lucky to have such a clean home.


Thanks geoguy, Windsordave and Ric12string. It's been my pleasure having you guys along for the ride and I'm very glad that you found my ramblings at least a little entertaining.



Thanks for all of your "road trip" coverage. Memorable for sure, and very cool.

What a blast!


May we never experience another database crash around these parts again, because this thread is epic and needs to live on in perpetuity. Thanks so much for providing the pics and the updates from the road, NitroG. Its been a blast checking for updates every day and day dreaming about taking a road trip just like this.


May we never experience another database crash around these parts again.


The loss of all of Proteus' old threads still gives me a little stomach upset. They were great. This one of NitroG's is another great one.


Greg, this thread has been an absolute pleasure to follow and an honour to be part of. Certainly an all-time classic thread.

Bax, we are backing up now, right...?


Aye ,i'm a bit sad it's over now!

Glad the both of you got home safe sir.

Good luck with the film too.


NitroG- Glad you and Betty Lou made it home. Thanks for taking us all along on the journey, it's been great! Again, sorry I missed you at VLV- would have been great to see you there. Sooo... where's the next adventure...??


Do you remember the maps that show Goofy's route whenever he would take a trip? NitroG's itinerary is kinda like that...But in an absolutely amazing way!


Yes Deed, or Bugs Bunny trying to get to Pismo Beach...


Yes Deed, or Bugs Bunny trying to get to Pismo Beach...

– ade

Hey, Ade, that is some pretty good geographical knowledge you are displaying right there.


...he shoulda turned left at Albuquerque


Do you remember the maps that show Goofy's route whenever he would take a trip? NitroG's itinerary is kinda like that...But in an absolutely amazing way!

– Deed Eddy

Ha! Not quite as goofy as Goofy, Deed

Here's the trip mapped out. Approximately 3,000 miles of driving. Betty Lou and I covered a lot of only sinks in when I look at this map. These cars were built to drive and Betty Lou sure drove.


What a great topic, Greg. It's been a pleasure riding along. I'm glad Betty Lou healed up nicely and made it back home on her own wheels (as opposed to on a trailer).

BTW, is that her on the 12:20 mark?


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