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UPLOAD PICS & VIDEOS HERE: Nashville Roundup Image Bank


If you are looking to upload media of "Roundups of Yesteryear at Hachland Hills," you're in the right place...

For lack of a better term, think of this as an "online image bank" covering our splendid times at Hachland Hills over the years.

With your generous media contribution, you'll be helping to build a short program that I'll be putting together with Joe C. — a sort of combination retrospective of "the Nashville Years" as well as a tribute to our beloved Phila.

To upload, use the link below (goes to DropBox):

Some particulars:

  • Anyone can upload (no login required).
  • Individual file size limit is 2GB
  • You can upload video, pics, heck even audio files
  • While I'm not 100% sure, I don't think you'll be able to view files
  • I can use and/or convert most standard video files (QuickTime, Windows Media Player, .mov, .mp4), but if yours is somewhat non-standard, feel free to PM me with questions.
  • Large format photos are best (at least 800 pixels); remember the smaller the image, the more degraded it may look when resized for video.
  • It goes without saying that Images & video of Phila would be most appreciated. But all subjects are open (especially the creepy hand!).

When your uploading missions have been accomplished, I suppose you might want to also post a note here listing generally what you've uploaded, so there's some sort of a log. The running list may also spark ideas, who knows.

Thanks one and all for your time and generosity!


Paul, I have uploaded the three precious ones (Here's one of them) I have of Phila and several others from that year. I'm not sure how we'll do this because I have SO much. You may recall that when we were in the Board Room there was a snafu one year and my Zoom movies were pretty much what we had for a while. I have many of them and not a swift enough pipe to get them all up to you, I fear. If you'll be around this weekend, I'll give you a ring and we can decide what you'd like me to do. Xx OA

P.S. Paul, you need to "share" on Dropbox and allow us to see what we put in the Dropbox (it says) so we can be sure what we think we uploaded in fact arrived in your box. In any event, please let me know you have many from 2012 from me.


Phila with the Coconut Birthday Cake she insisted she make and serve, flambed.


Just confirming I received a lot of images yesterday, thanks Rob and Olivia. I also adjusted the folder settings — I think the folder can be viewed now.

Olivia I will be away/traveling this weekend, so best to email or PM me a brief description of what you have. Feel free to self-edit. You also may want to discount (or leave out) videos with small frame size, poor image quality or poor sound.

That goes for all — if you think the image is really small, fuzzy, shaky, or in general bad, we probably will think so too. In other words, try to upload your best stuff.


I've still got to get mine together. Wish could just copy and paste from photobucket and youtube. I am way behind on all of this, sorry folks.


Dave, if you're comfortable with it, you could do what Chet 57 did (thanks Nick) and get me your photo bucket link (and login if needed). Pretty sure Nick set up a separate (public) folder, so you may want to do that.


I hope my girlfriend will come… Kim…


Miss Kim Falcon

– 57Chet

Mystery hand check!


Ha… I look forward to seeing you John!


It ain't gonna be the same without Phila but we are super psyched to bond with y'all!

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