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The First Brooklyn Roundup is Coming! April 14, 2018


wow, I wonder if thats why Brian Setzer stopped calling his back up singer/dancers "the Vixens"? Things are getting complex. I think dancers bring the party to the stage and this roundup sounds like a blast. Are there sponsorships to send kids to camp?Brooklyn wow!

..which is my segue into telling you about a friend of mine over there on the wrong side of the nation w youz guyz He has a Brian Setzer Orchestra Tribute band called ROCK THIS TOWN, and is a serious Gretsch slinger. In the 90s he was top billed shreddy fingers, floyd rose kinda player but is a jazz trained musician who's come back to earth like many of us Gen X'rs after we settled down a bit. And now he is killing it w the Gretsch guits.

His name is Anthony Bambino and is NY as it gets, you should invite him maybe, he's a good kid. Here's his band. give a listen


Hey, Tavo,

You should make the trek next month. This is going to be special.

I'll look Mr. Bambino up. Heck, Joe must know him. We'll invitate him. Thanks for the tip!



AccuWheather is currently reporting our event day at 56d/44f, "times of clouds & sun". Looks to me it should be a beautiful day. Also know will be bringing NEW Gretsch swag prizes for the "Drop-Your-Pick-In-The-Soundhole" game.


The pins arrived today!


– Frequent Flyer 909

Too cool.

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