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The 2015 Delta Crossroads Carpool/Caravan Thread


Mrs. Fieldhdj always brings her own mic, stand and cables. It always works out better that way.


I'm flying and traveling light - 1 guitar.


Olivia Anne is looking for a ride, if anyone is passing close to Louisville, KY, why not send her a PM? Not sure of her schedule, but I'm sure she is flexible.

If no one needs a ride from Memphis Airport on Thursday, I'll be rerouting through Helena, AR. If you do need a ride from Memphis on Thursday, contact me next week at the latest.


It's still unclear if we'll be recording at Sun Studios Friday afternoon, as they're in the middle of major renovations, getting more vintage working equipment, and not certain when they'll be done, but if we are, and someone needs a ride to Clarksdale, we have room for two in the back seat. Meet us at Sun. We'll be there for dinner.


Thanks, Doug. I have done lots of yoga--I'm very flexible. Just not very ambulatory currently and I can't do that drive alone (my friend bailed for a cruise instead) or the flight routine. I'll help of course with everything involved in the trek.


Me and Mrs. Vegas are planning on pulling out of the driveway the Saturday before the Roundup with our first stop in N'Orleans. I just hope a big brown truck arrives at my house before we leave.

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