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SummerNAMM Billy Zoom Giveaway!

Posters that is, signed by Billy. Business has been brisk here...only 10 left by the time I got internet access... So the first 10 people to post to this thread get a poster autographed to them personally. Ready set go!!
I'd dig one of those. If Billy sees this thread, can he tell us when he is going to be back in his shop again? I have a reverb tank that could use some help.
#3? Sitting on the beach and just checked in on the iPhone... And if you could please make mine to Dan who is an old BZ fan and just bought an Annie. THANKS
Count me in Proteus! "To John" please? :grin: Thanks!!
#6 My real name is Curtis by the way.
Me too please!!! Names Travis Boyko...hence the screen name.
Please! #10 To Doug Fieldhouse
I knew I should have mowed the lawn yesterday.:evil:
I want a BZ Jet!
If you can find another one, Proteus, I'd love one, but I am late to the party (as usual!).
I'll add my name just in case. Thanks :grin:
Congratulations to respondents 1 through 11 - ending with K-Wad. We found an extra poster, and Billy signed them all. (He wondered why he was writing one to "Fancy Pants," not knowing Jeff O(h what a card)'s sense of humor, but he did it anyway. Hope you're proud.) I have lots of pics of the Zoom Jet, Boyko...the relication treatment is so thorough you'd be hard pressed to tell it from Billy's own 50s original. He said if he put 20 minutes of standard setup into it, it would FEEL just like his own. Those of you alert Gretschscouts who won posters, if you've won anything since January I already have your address. If you haven't, message it to me and your poster will be winging its way youward.
Well, dammit, hopefully Billy is doing well anyhow. And cheers to him for being such a good guy.
SWEET!!!:grin::grin: Tell Billy to make mine out to K-Wad!! Proteus, I'll PM ya my address. Edit: PM sent
Damn my desire to sleep in next to my girlfriend on her birthday! I really should be more selfish.....
D'OH! This is what happens when you play your guitar all day and not check in here :whatthe: And, my fingers are sore.
Yeah, of all the fluff that's given away, a Billy Zoom poster would have been at the top of my list. Sigh... :grin:

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