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Street Sounds NYC GreTscH Day 2015


I'm so close to owning it. It haunts my dreams.


This marks Fred's 50th anniversary in the music business. He started as the office boy at Gretsch.


Argh. You're killin me.


I can't believe I had to go to practice and I MISSED DUANE EDDY! ^#%(^%#(%^#!!!


That white DE just looks killer, and Deed, you and Duane are just looking great as usual.

What a way to extend the "Birthday Party"

Quite an event.


It was a fun day and the GDP was well represented. My personal highlight was meeting and talking with Deed and Duane. Couldn't ask for nicer people. Fred and Dinah were also cool. Rocky and family are always gracious hosts. Gretsch family was the atmosphere of the day. The shade of blue of CBell's latest is gorgeous. Great musicianship on stage and yes, Olivia, I brought some bakery goodies home for my wife and kids (and me ) . Wouldn't be Gretsch Day without those cannolis!


Pretty cool. I was there earlier, but had to bug out before Duane got there. Did meet Fred, and saw TV, but I couldn't place where I knew his face from.

It's also the last time I'm ever driving to Brooklyn, unless I'm actually picking up a guitar. The last 13 miles took over an hour. It would have been faster to drive an hour out of my way bypassing Queens to Jersey and take the Verrazano in a big loop.


What a day, so thrilled to meet Deed, Duane and Fred. Rocky put on a spectacular day! Here is another shot of the Billy Bo this time with some signatures from some absolutely wonderful people.


A terrific day. Tommorow i'll post videos i took. Rocky is the best. Fred is such a cool frude. Nice to meet duane and mrs deed. Just a complete wow day.


Looks like it was a Gretsch-ified perfect day.

Congrats on that Billy Bo, Cbell.


What a great time, my first at Gretsch Day, boy will I be back. Met Rocky and he really is as nice a fellow as can be, so very gracious. Fred was really friendly and easy to talk with too. And then there was Duane. Wow! If there is anybody more humble or genuine in this business, just can't be. I approached him several times and he was so willing to engage in conversation. Look, I'm the kind of guy that generally doesn't like these kind of events, I go for an hour or so then I'm outta there but I stayed for the whole thing. All I can say is it was a real good fun day for me and the wife (she loved it too) Live music and giveaways...what more could you ask for? Thanks again Rocky


Looks like it was a lot of fun, and what a treat to see Duane perform. Is there any footage of him playing the new white 6120?


Looks and sounds like Duane was in top form. He sounded great, and the band was good too. Congratulations to Mr. G.


Told you was a good day


Oh wow oh wow what a fine, fun day. 50 years in the music business and it was a non-stop parade of goodness, and toasts to dear Fred Gretsch. How we do love him.

And the music -- Duane tore it up, Mark Sica tore it up, the Atomic Ranch Hands, the Empty Hearts, Off the Roof all tore it up, along with high-speed banjos, guitar giveaways, Joe (the Man) Carducci, Rocky, Fred and Dinah, Duane and Deed, TV Jones, Stephen Stern, old friends (good to see you Metman, it had been awhile), some new friends, and as I already said, non-stop goodness. It was a great day.

KC Eddie and I got back to Philly quite late. I brought my camera and shot a ton (over 3 hours) of HD video of live performances -- with sound from a mix board feed. Also filmed parts of the dinner afterward, in honor of Fred, which captured some great stories about Fred from Rocky, Joe, Duane, Elliot Easton and many more. I will post clips here, and after some editing I'll be making a DVD as a gift to Fred and Dinah. The Gretsch Family (and extended family) is the best!!

Don't know how it could be topped — although I am going to be sitting front row center for Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot tonight in Baltimore. What a weekend!


Sounds like a StreetSounds kinda fun day, too bad I had to miss it but didn't have any transportation. Very long story but two totaled cars and then the break line broke on my father in laws car which I was borrowing. In addition I have some guitars that needed to be picked up at noon which turned into 1:00. Next time for sure.


All the ingredients were present for an extraordinary day. Congratulations to Fred and Mrs. G, and to Rocky as well.


I didn't get an invite and I bought 2 new pro-lines from Rocky last year. And I'm in upstate New York.


Dang curt. Shoulda called me, i woulda took ya


Dang curt. Shoulda called me, i woulda took ya

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