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Street Sounds Gretsch Day June 3


Todd Taylor ripping through Crazy Train.

He also did Freebird.

– crowbone

Dig the kool solid state Portaflex in the pix... not many of them still extant.


Looks like a killer event! Rocky is the best. Wish I could have been there.


no one got a pick of the 53 jet?!

– Buddy Mercury

You mean you didn't either?


that Ampeg didn't make it all the way to our set. it gave up the ghost before we got on stage. Keith played through a Twin!


Chatting with Stephen Stern, T V Jones, John (the Cat) Gatto, Rocky, and listening to the masterful Paul Pigat (and others)---what a fantastic time! Already looking forward to next year! Thanks Rocky!!


We're the professor and mary anne of gretsch day!

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