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Street Sounds Gretsch Day June 3


I don't see that anyone has added or discussed this topic here, so I will. I was just wondering who might be heading up or down to it. There is a good chance that this kid will be making the scene, just want to see what some folks that are going maybe up to. Any pre or post shenanigans happening?


I'll be there. Have to do something with my daughter first, but will be there a little late.


It's in the 'plan'... but we know how that works. I haven't been there since the walking tour.


I'm there already.

Trying to get some others to join in on the fun.


I'll totally be there! with vintage axes in hand...who knows, maybe i'll be on stage!


I'd love to be there.

Rocky's shop is great! Exceptional customer service, wonderful display of guitars and amps, and a great guy to boot. Enjoy the gathering all.


Maybe I should. I am looking for a new guitar. Maybe Rocky wants to trade.


I will be there!

– paul pigat

Good! I was getting worried that I was going to be the only Canuck


Cousin Harley were stupefyingly good! Wow!!


Good time. Buddy Mercury and Cousin Harley were both good. In fact, everyone was good - Did you ever hear Freebird on a banjo? Interesting.

Cbell's tribute guitar is gorgeous. Two people brought in vintage electric12 strings; one a 67 sunburst and the other a 66 blonde with shark'stooth fret markers. The owner said it was in Tony Bacon's book.

Decent GDP representation there. Cannolis afterwards.


Anybody take any pics?


Mercury Radio Theater doing a soundcheck before their killer set of tunes.


Todd Taylor ripping through Crazy Train.

He also did Freebird.


Cousin Harley blowing the roof off the joint!


Paul Pigat with Ed Dobbs, each holding the other's guitars.

Ed's '58 Country Club was found in a trash can and given to him by his neighbor.

It was a basket case, finished with red house paint, but had all of it's original electronics.

The green isn't Caddy green, but it's in the ballpark, with a very subtle powderflake in there. Pretty cool comeback for that one.


The Cameron Bell tribute.

Both Rocky Schiano and Steven Stern had some very nice and poignant things to say about our late friend.


One of the two reclaimed wood Roundups.


Always an amazing trip to Streetsounds, with a constantly rotating stock, with everything for every budget.

My fault for not taking more pictures, but battery life was a concern.

The '53 Scripty Duo Jet with tweed case on display was just beautiful, as was the smaller bodied acoustic with the unique binding.

Redrocker and Paul Pigat played some acoustic blues on it, and both got to channel their inner Robert Johnson, really capturing that tone. We were all wowed by that one.


That really looks like a fun time! One of these years I have to get off my lazy butt and make the trip.....!

Thanks very much for the great photos, John!

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