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Something weird with the Nashville Roundup thread


The Nashville Roundup 2017 thread has a "Aw nuts" error on page 5. I can't see anything past page 4. On Chrome and Safari.


Same on Firefox, too.


Yes, there is something weird there. It appears to be related to an image that didn't load correctly. I haven't yet figured out what to do about it.


I was able to get it to load by going to page one of the thread and scrolling all the way down. The auto-continue page scrolling worked just fine.


Me too, but it scrolls only as far as the last post of page 4 and doesn't go to page 5, where there are more posts.


Correct . . . with Firefox, it stops at post number 100, dated one week ago, at the bottom of page 4.


Actually, it now says that yours is the last post, just a few seconds ago.

But as far as anyone can see, Crowbone had the last word . . . with post number 100.


Can't see past page 4 with safari or explorer. Ghost in the machine.


I've been really bummed out about this.

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