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So Cal Gretsch Jam T-Shirts


In case you havent seen them already, We have some Gretsch Jam T shirts available, designed by our very own Vince Ray. Black T shirt with the Design screen printed on the back, and the So Cal Logo on the front left pocket. P.M. Me with your size and i will give you a Paypal address/ Mailing address if you pay by check.

These shirts will be printed up 1 week prior to the Event so make sure you contact me if your interested in having this "collector Item" shirt. When they are gone they're gone.

Available at the Gretsch Jam for $15 ,and

$20 shipped anywhere in the Continental United States. ( sorry Europe)


Lovely. Gonna have to get me one, soon.


Very, very cool. I want this on the back of a black hoodie to wear in England in October. Just sayin'...


Ordered. You guys are breakin' my bank on T-Shirts, this week.

Wish I could actually attend the event.


Chalk me down for an XL. Thanks!


Very, very cool. I want this on the back of a black hoodie to wear in England in October. Just sayin'...

– Deed Eddy

Deed, I can make it happen! LOL

hmmmm, How about a Trade?

You get a Hoodie in whatever size you ask, and I get something from that Guy that you let ride shotgun with you? I think He plays the guitar a little bit too.


Last day to Order T- Shirts is July 20th. $15 pick up at the Event and $20 shipped to your door.



Manny, you've got mail. Check your inbox.


O.K. Guys, so the T-shirt Order is headed to the Screener tomorrow , if anyone would like a Shirt please put in an order for it by this time tomorrow morning.

Once again, the shirts will be Black with the design created by Vince Ray on the back. I will probably make a couple extra to be sold at the day of the Event, but thats about it . Get them while you can.

P.M. me, I will Reply to all messages I receive. Thanks


PM sent

– Baba Joe

Roger that!


UPDATE...T-Shirt order is in, and the T-shirts are being printed up as we speak.

For those of you that supported the Event by buying a shirt, a BIG thank you. The design by Vince Ray is pretty cool and Im sure We will all wear them with alot of Gretsch Pride.

A Big Thanks to Joe C, and Everybody at Gretsch for allowing Us the use of their trademark Name and Logo.

All the Ordered shirts will be Shipped out as soon as I get them.


Some of the T-Shirts shipped out today, the rest will be going out maybe Saturday.


I have a couple of shirts left over from the Event. If your interested in getting one shipped to you for $15,


P.M. Me and I will respond if I receive the messege.


Manny, it was great to have seen you this past weekend again. Sorry that you left somewhat early as I didn't see you later in the day.

I wanted to let you know that I got my t-shirt from you and I wore it proudly as I toured the Fender factory on Friday morning. Great shirt design by Vince Ray!


Glad to see you liked it Bob.


Just a reminder, since we had a few cancellations at the Event ,I have a few shirts left over in various sizes. If you want a Once in a Lifetime Collector Super Limited Edition sure to be Rarer than a white Buffalo Jam Shirt, P.M. me with a size and i can ship it out to you for $15 total. or 2 for $25 (depending on the size availability)

PAYPAL with Friends and Family option.


The Front side.

– LA_Manny

Mine doesn't fit me quite like that, Manny!


Mine doesn't fit me quite like that, Manny!

– Ric12string

Bob, if your shirts fit you like that, You'd never have to buy another drink at the Bar ever again.


I have 1 XXL ,and 2 XL ,1 Large ,and 1 Small shirt left that would be great for a kid.

$15 shipped to you using Paypal Friends and Family.

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