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So Cal Gretsch Jam anyone?


So Brewman, Welcome to the GDP where everyone is accepted,, as long as you dig Gretsch guitars.

So Ive been to a few Roundups up North and they go something like this, Random people get out their instruments and amps, plug them in and play. People take turns playing songs they know and playing along to songs they dont know. And thats it!

No one pressures you to play or is judgemental when you do play. If you want to play a song that you like, there are people with enough talent to play along with you and "fill in the blanks". From The Beatles to Santana to Johnny Cash, you will hear it all and see some really talented players, and some not so talented players,(like me). But the joy is meeting new people and sharing in some good music.

This being a smaller one day Event, Im sure we are all aware of the time constraint so people will probably switch out a little more to give everyone a shot at playing a favorite song or two. If you want to play a particular song just let everyone know ahead of time and Im pretty sure someone will know the tune well enough to play along with you.

Its all simple, no pressure,,come on down and enjoy yourself.


Don't care whats Happening, Iam their about time....


Don't care whats Happening, Iam their about time....

– 714Tom

Glad to hear that Tom!

I'll be posting all the important Event information in a few days. Gotta take a drive over to the Legion Hall and snap a few pictures.

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