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My heart breaks a little seeing you pain over this, Billy, but I know it's many times an unavoidable process we all go through for ones we miss.

I remember what a warm and generous soul he was. His smile watching you play, his ability to engage in a conversation about most any subject with true interest and zeal. His ability to give succinct advice if you presented him with a problem are just some of the things I remember about Cam.

The way we keep him in our lives is to hold him close to our hearts and remember him well. Sometimes this hurts more than we'd like it to. Sometimes it makes you smile or laugh. Sometimes we have real-time conversations with ones we miss as if they are right there in the room. I know I do with my Father, and that helps me immensely.

Here's hoping the pain passes soon and you can get to the more joyful parts of remembering your friend, Cameron Bell.


Sad reading through this old post, seeing the names of those who've passed on,and some just MIA. Losing a close friend is just about the loneliest feeling there is.


Cam's dead? That is sad news indeed! I remember him being on the GDP, since I joined it in 2008. My deepest sympathies to his family and close friends.

RIP Cam.


Crowbone’s description of warm and generous soul really defines him. Enthusiastic as well. My last memory of him was saying goodbye at UncleGrumpy’s house. It’s weird when you look back and wish you knew that the last time you saw someone was going to be the last time, but I can say that we left on a positive note. His death hammered home the thought of not taking anything for granted. Billy and Cam had a great friendship. That’s a memory Billy can always carry.


I miss him here, and I wish I could have met him more than once. But I'm sure glad for that one opportunity, because he was so warm and friendly and genuine. We talked about guitars and cars and had the same tastes in both.

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