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just a big shock. So sorry Billy. Deeply saddened


I sent money to our local no kill shelter in cams memory.


Charleston Humane Society gets our regular support, ... now extra this coming year.


We also already support the local shelter, have rescue dogs ourselves, and send $$ on occasions when a shelter or individual puts out a request for funds (like when a dog gets attacked, to help pay medical bills)

We got pet insurance this year- best thing we've ever done. Paid for itself already.


May his memory be a blessing and a consolation.


Driving all day yesterday and just gutted to read this. You meet a lot of people over the years in the guitar world, but few actual collectors. Cam was a real patron of the luthier arts, and like most real patrons, humble and self effacing about his own significant collection but super complimentary and willing to share info with everyone. I never met the man in real life, but I assure you I will miss him terribly. There aren't enough people like that as it is and we all are diminished by the loss of one.


I am shocked -- stunned. Somehow I missed this thread until this morning. Truly a very sad event for us as a community -- it must be incredibly painful for his family and close friends like Billy, Curt and others.

I spoke with him briefly at the Philly Guitars Shows a couple of times. While not enough to build a real friendship, Cam was a person that I found myself "instantly" liking and admiring.

Condolences to Cam's family and close friends. I believe this world is a better place for having had Cam Bellamy in it for a while.....


To CBell's family,

While I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him, like a lot of active members on this forum, he was a fixture. He obviously personally touched lives here beyond these pages. This forum is like no other I have ever experienced and Cam was one of those individuals that greatly contributed to the feeling that the Gretsch Discussion Pages is a living entity. A real community. He will be sorely missed.


You're one cool guy CBell, rest in peace.


I had the pleasure of meeting and briefly chatting with Cam at Rocky's most recent StreetSounds Gretsch event. I immediately found him both warm and funny ; one could immediately tell he was a truly good person. Sincere condolences to his family and close friends.


Very, very sorry to see this. I, too, never met him personally, but always looked forward to seeing his posts, pictures, and the few online conversations we shared. Deepest condolences to his family and other friends, especially Billy.

This has been a tough month. I just lost a bandmate earlier this month, and now one of the all-stars of the GDP has passed. Things can only get better.


Sad that I can't make Jan 4th — I'm in California until the 12th. But I will be thinking of you guys and Cameron, of course.


Like many here, I never knew CBell personally, but only knew of him through his posts at the Gretsch Pages. He always had interesting and insightful comments on Gretsch guitars, and freely shared (through pictures and words) his wonderful collection of guitars, amps, and effects. I'm very sorry to hear of his passing - he will be greatly missed. My prayers go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.


My sympathies to his family and friends. His presence will certainly be missed here on the Pages.


With permission of the family I share his wake.


Thanks for sharing the pics, Munman. Just logged on to see this news. Very saddened to hear this. Not meeting someone in person doesn't mean one doesn't feel the loss. Prayers to CBell's family and friends, including all those here.


66,,, much too young to leave when their is still so much to talk about, always enjoyed his Post.

R.I.P. Sir.


With permission of the family I share his wake.

– munman

I take it that the artwork is yours? Nice tribute.


Not my art, his niece made that.


Not my art, his niece made that.

– munman

still great though...


I can't seem to find the right words so I will quote those written by one of our own...Farewell Mr. Bellamy and God bless your family. You now belong to both the angels and the ages and may heaven be blessed with your soul. Rest in peace, sir.


A note to all: I had shown Camerons daughter Cara this thread and she was blown away. His wife Susan had it printed out and bound and was at his memorial for all to read. Cam's whole family were just completely blown away that he had so many friends and people who cared about him and thought he was an amazing guy. It was a part of his life that they really weren't aware of. Well done ladies and gents. These pages were a little bright spot for his family, on a very rough day. This has been the worst week of my life and knowing you guys are out here in the ether keeping positive thoughts coming my way has made it just a little easier.

Thank you From The Bellamy family and me.


From Susan Bellamy

I wish to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful, heartfelt postings. They made us cry, smile and even laugh. I can see now why his phone always had the Gretch Pages up. In addition to the bound book Billy mentioned, my cousin Lori picked out a post and read it out loud to end the evening. You were part of his family and Cameron loved being a part of your group. Thank you all so very much.

Love to all, Susan

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