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It is with great sorrow I am posting to let everyone know that CBell, Cameron Bellamy passed away this morning. He was my best friend and I am devastated, as are his wife and children and grandchildren. I think we should do something to celebrate him in the very near future.

I love you Cam, you were my father, my brother, and my friend.


That is such sad news. So sorry for your loss, and ours.


This has been difficult to deal with, we need to do something soon.


That's horrible. My sincerest condolences.


Wait what????!!!!! Our Cam???!!!!!!!

In shock,total shock.My deep condolences to his family and to those who knew him close here.I enjoyed his sharp wit.


What a shock. There are no words.Like Curt said, we need to do something. Condolences to Cam's family.


Oh Jeez. I just reading a post of his today. This is sad.


That's just absolutely horrible. I'm very, very sorry.


Terrible news for family, friends, and admirers of a good, good man. My condolences to all, and especially to you Billy for the great loss of your best friend...


While I didn't have the personal relationship to Cam that many of you had, his posts were always something to look forward to reading. A smart man, economic with his words, but always positive.

Very sorry to lose Cam. RIP.


RIP Cam. Your loss affects us all.


My condolences to all of his family and friends. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Cam's guitars and seeing what he added to the GDP.


Horrible news. He was one of the nicest, most generous people around. It was a pleasure to be have known him. I agree that something should be done.

Condolences to you, Billy, as well. This must be a difficult one.


My condolences to all. This place just got a little darker. What a shock...


That is awful, so sad. Such an important part of the GDP. Condolences to his family.


While I haven't been active for months here due to dealing with my Mother's sudden death in the summer and subsequent estate issues, I do read the GDP regularly and this is terrible news for the GDP community.

RIP, Cam. Your posts and obvious generosity to others here will be missed, even by people like myself who did not know you personally.

It had already been a tough day for me as I lost my Father on this very day, 13 years ago, at the age of 59.

My sincere condolences to Cam's family and friends.


I just met him in person at the Hoosier Daddy Roundup. So sad to hear this. Thoughts and prayers to Cam's friends and family.


my deepest condolences. very sad news


sorry to hear this news, and my heart goes out to you Billy D w the loss of your friend. I had just got to know him at the Gretsch roundup in Indiana.


This has made me physically ill! He was just a lovely, charming gentleman. Our joint impossible adventure of Cam & Ollie's vehicle trek to the Hoosier Daddy Roundup made us laugh so--certainly one of my best in a lifetime Roadtrips. We even laughingly "planned" a Roundup in his music room! This makes me so very, very sad. Count me in on anything we do. Bax's GDP will be a darker place without Cam and his wit and kindness. Bet he received a warm, enthusiastic welcome where he'll stay. Just so sad. And, Billy, so sorry for your unique loss. Olivia Anne


What ???

he was such a integral part of the GDP. he will be missed very much around these parts. my sincere condolences to his family and you, too Billy.

post script : I just read the obit link that Billy posted. I'm the same age as he and we graduated high school the same year. he was still a young man.


I propose that, to honor Cam, we all adopt his avatar photo as our own through Christmas Day. Let's make the GDP radiate with his image.

What say you, folks?


Seems we might want to do something for his animal charities.


My deepest condolences to you and his family XXXX


Condolences to all who knew him personally, and to those who only knew him from his username on the GDP. From his words online, he seemed a genuine and decent man.

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