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Philly Twang-O-Rama Take 2!


Folks! we're getting the ball rolling on another gretsch event in philly (featuring my band mercury radio theater).

Many of you were at the one in November. Got any recommendations to make the night even better?

We're planning on having Big Lazy back down from NYC and possibly moving the entire shindig to a bigger room. Johnny Brenda's just down the street.

We'll be coming off a recording and if we're VERY lucky an album release.

Let me know what you think.


Sounds good to me......missed the last one; hopefully I'll be able to get to the next. It seems every time our local Philly guys play I have a schedule's like a curse. Back in the day I was at shows almost every week; it's a miracle that I'm not deaf.


I'm around Philly...keep us posted. If you want my band to play, I'll bring a Gretsch or 2 ;)


I was at the last one, being in the area for a conference.

Everything was terrific: good bands, lots of energy, super crowd, Joe C. and friends, good food and liquor!

Everybody needs to come out and support these bands! It's a great event!

Do it again!


Keep me posted.

I'd love to see you guys again.

Johnny Brenda's is great.


Be sure to check the Happenings calendar and don't schedule it against anything there. That way, I have a chance to come up from Baltimore and see you guys again.



Oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah oh yea.... let's do it agin!


I'll keep checking this, hopefully I can get to it too.


currently we're eye-balling one of the last saturdays in october. coordinating all the schedules of the interested parties is hard...but it should really work. Also, by then we'll have our violinist back from france.


ok, a heads looks like we're making a B-line for OCT 22nd (there's a small chance it will be on the 29th...problems with my trumpet player)...but either way, end of October.

I'm on the hunt for a philly area band who is gretsch centric. Thus far we have Mercury Radio Theater and Big Lazy with an open invitation to Gringo Motel. But I'm wondering if people wanna check out other acts...(I think the line-up was one of the best shows I've ever had, so I'm eager to do it again.)


I hope to make this one. Hows about billy d?


Bill would be great!


My band's Gretschy, but not rockabilly.


Charlie, can you send me some MP3's?

– Dr. Buddy Mercury

Ooops...didn't see this. I'll send you a link soon... you can download the album. It's free and we use it for radio, press, venues, etc. so please don't share.


Hey ya'll we just confirmed the date as OCTOBER 28th at BOOT & SADDLE in philadelphia. great venue with a great vibe.

Also...planning on releasing my new album that night, gonna be a heck of a get together!

more details to come!


That's pretty awesome, I'll be checking back here now then. Lots of great bands have played there since their re doing of shows.


Man, I live in the wrong place.


Nice... I'll be looking forward to coming Buddy.


Depending on the way certain things shake out, looks like it's doable for me!

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