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Need advice on getting setzer to sign my guitar


Oops, didn’t mean to hijack the thread! But for those of you with an eye for detail.... I had taken two guitars to the gig, the one I played behind him was the super- Jumbo sized dread, Guild G-41, and the other being the F-50. We played 3 of his songs... Me & Bobby McGee, Help Me Make It Thru The Night, and Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down. I sometimes play ‘the Kristofferson’ when I’m doing a Johnny Cash Tribute Show.


I got mine signed. I reached out to his management and asked very nicely. They had the road manager text me and give me specific instructions. They made no promises, but were really nice. They took the guitar away before the show and brought it back to me in the lobby after the show. Brian rolled into town during the opening act (no soundcheck), so I didn't get to meet him before. He did spot me and say hello as he was walking off the stage, and joked that he was keeping the guitar.

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