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Nashville Roundup 2017-Pt. 2


Hey Paul Overly… I really hope that you can work things out and join us. I have such fond memories of making the journey with you and Spudnut!

It won't the same without you!


I'm really looking forward to this, it's like catching up with an old friend with old friends.

It's a special place shared with special people, I for one feel fortunate to be able to be part of this.


If anyone near Illinois wants to carpool, let me know!


Ha ha, Nick, don't speak too soon!

– Ric12string

Yo Bob French… I'm so sorry that you are not joining us this year!

I will try to make it out to California soon!


I missed Bob French bowing out. I was hoping to play some tunes again. Next time!! We’ll miss you a lot, Bob!


I just demanded work let me go early that week, so I won't miss any fun. A road trip is hopefully in store!

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