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The Delta Crossroads RoundUp 2015


Dave, thanks for the vids. And I also hope Karolyn heals quickly.


Dave, thanks for the vids. And I also hope Karolyn heals quickly.

– Twom


Glad to have met you folks and glad to hear that Karolyn is on the mend.


Hoot Owl...thought of you today while in the Sam Phillips exhibit in the CMHF in Nashville.

Great pics from the RoundUp!

– Wheelgrinder

I'm changing the name of my band right now to "The Big D Gang".


The Saturday Night Giveaway Band!


Nice stuff Dave, thanks for capturing the spirit of the weekend!


Wish I had more SD cards. I could have caught more but thanks.


What Curt said Dave And hope Karolyn's hand is mending fast.


I just caught up on this whole thread and there was certainly a hot spiritual groove going on. My vote for the coolest "badass" is NitroG......the shirt, pants, shoes on a porch with a dog guarding the Gretsch goodness is oozing style and attitude.

The venue looks like a ton of mojo and good spirit. I know I think about food a lot but the look of that place just made me hungry......kind of like a I should be eating a spicy beef stew out of a clay bowl with wooden spoon after not having shaved for 5 days(think Clint spaghetti westerns).........and whiskey. It made me feel like drinking whiskey!

Good wishes sent to Karolyn and hope she feels better really fast. I talk about her like I know her which I don't but through the power of Dave, my good wishes will be delivered!

Proteus had a cool vibe going on....very cool.

Redrocker should never be without a guitar.........some things just are a force of nature.

Great to see so much fun!!!!!

ps .... What are the chances of kidnapping Tavo and locking him in a room with nothing but the best southern food(fried chicken with milk gravy as an appetizer) has to offer with the best damn Jambalaya for his desert???


Thanks, Njdevil. Nah, Tavo would starve. The food was good as were the servers.

Heres a video library link to the videos I took while there. I have already shared them to the Happenings page.


My camera cord finally resurfaced — here are a few shots from Clarskdale…

A loose assembly, our 1st afternoon


Dylan has a seat at the drums


Superdave wailing away -- guy can sing!


This guy can sing too… NJBob croons a tune.


Curt with his modified white Panther


We're lucky to have Tim on bass each year. I think this makes 5 or 6 roundups for him down south. Can you say "pocket?" (Guy's Got the Pocket.)


The Esteemed Proteus (the White)


Superdave and Charlie Vegas… nice hat, dude.


We ate lunch here on Saturday. The server was funny, and she liked our jokes. The food was also funny, but not in a good way. We won't be going back for the grub. I think someone needs to let Morgan Freeman know they need to change cooks.


After lunch we went here. It was really good. Would have shot more pics, but that wasn't permitted.


Here's a pic I snapped without looking through the viewfinder: an interesting replica of Muddy's Mississippi house in the early days, before leaving the Delta for Chicago.

I was in stealth mode, like a secret agent, so as not to get thrown out of the museum. 

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