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Ric12string said, "Let me know if you have questions that need to be answered."

Why are we here? What is the meaning of Life? What does it all mean? Do Ruby Begonia ring a bell? Would you like fries with that?


In my best Moe voice: "A wise guy, eh?"


As mentioned earlier, we have another tremendous t-shirt graphic design this year from our own Vince Ray which features the Jet Set theme of the 2019 Roundup. The t-shirts will be the Gildan 5000 shirts in black, which are a heavy pre-shrunk cotton shirt of very high quality. The design above will be printed on the back of the shirts and another graphic design shown in the post below will be on the left breast area on the front.

Ladies T-shirts may also be ordered.

T-shirts will be available at the Roundup or by mail (for non-attendees) as follows:

S, M, L, XL for $15.00 ($20.00 if sent by mail) XXL, XXXL for $17.50 ($22.50 if sent by mail)

You can PayPal (Friends & Family Option Only!) the purchase price to me at [insert my screen name] @ (remove the spaces and brackets) or you can mail me a check. PM me for my mailing address or, if you can't get through because it is a Yahoo address, then send me an email directly to [insert my screen name] @ (remove the spaces and brackets) and I will reply with my mailing address.

When ordering, please specify:
- Mens or Womens shirt
- Size
- Whether you will pick up at the Roundup or whether you want it shipped
- If you want it shipped, please provide a mailing address (for use with US Postal Service)

(Shipping only to addresses within the United States.)

Because I have recently been on a vacation, I am a little bit late to getting the t-shirt information posted. This translates into a shorter length of time within which to submit orders for the shirts in order to have time to get them printed and shipped to me in time for the Roundup. So, please get your orders in quickly as I will probably have to close the time for orders to be submitted about August 26. Given the very cool graphic that Vince created, I think that this is a shirt that would be a shame to miss out on.


Here is the image for the front of the shirt.


A bump so that attendees (or others) can check out the cool t-shirt design and know how to order one or more.


Accepting orders for Roundup t-shirt shirts. I don't want anyone to miss out.


Those are almost too fine for a Tee and should be put on a black work shirt.


Those are almost too fine for a Tee and should be put on a black work shirt.

– Suprdave

Pretty good idea. Printers don’t care what type of shirt they print on.


Pretty good idea. Printers don’t care what type of shirt they print on.

– Powdog

Too late for this year. We can consider it for next year.


I have ordered my T-shirt and paid my dues. We are in luck this year as we will be joined by Joe Valenzuela who is the drummer for both of the bands I am in. Joe has a cool Gretsch drum set to boot!


It will be great to have Joe onboard with us this year.

Don't forget to place your orders for a T-shirt if you want one as we only have about another week before I will need to submit the overall order.


A bump to remind those wanting Roundup t-shirts that time is running out. If anyone wants a shirt, now is the time to order. Thanks.


That's a tight drum kit right there!

– LilDrummerBoy

Yo Joe, don’t forget to order your shirt!

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