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Jan 4th CBell Memorial/Birthday Bash Berlin NJ


Hey Guys, Jan 2nd would have been Camerons 66th birthday. So because he loved hanging with everyone at my Open Stage every week for the last 4 and a half years and was such a fixture on the scene, we're gonna have a throw down and if you're reasonably local (or not if you'd like to come) we are gonna have a party. We'll laugh and we'll cry and we'll make music and we'll honor him the way he deserves. Please make sure Joe and Rocky get this I think they'd like to be there. The place is Filomena's Rustica, 13 Cross Keys Rd, West Berlin, NJ 08091

There's motels and stuff close by if you're staying over. We'll hit at 7 and go till they throw us out.

Just mention in the thread if you're coming so I can have a reasonable head count


Im in. Bringing grumps too


Sorry I can't make it, not back from California in time. I'll be there in spirit, though.


Hey Billy- As long as work doesn't have me out of town that week, I'm in.


Wish I could come. I will be on the Right Coast but a little too far South.


I would sure love to get together with all of you guys back there. Perhaps some other time. I will be thinking of all of you and, of course, Cam.


I also wish I could come but will be spending my 3rd full day in Nashville. I'll be with you guys in spirit though and with Cam certainly in my thoughts.


Cams daughters told me they are going.


I wish. Know I'm there in spirit. Please clink your glasses once for me.


Wish I could make it. I'll be there in spirit.


First round is on me.


I'm in.

– John Lindsey

Call if want on the bus. I'm picking up Grumps on the way.


Gretsches rise up in song to remember this person.


What say we get a bunch of us together to play "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"?


I tried to delay by a week to make it but no luck. In case it was possible, I would've played this(from "Magic" & not "The River" album):

I am going to try and find a bar with an open mic night as I've been told that there are quite a few if the night is right. If I do and play it, I'll try and have someone record it an post it.


I'm a "maybe"... I'm 2 hours away (that's not the issue), but I'm going to be away for a week visiting family in the midwest after Christmas, and I get home the day before, on the 3rd. Just don't know if after and 9 hour drive and not seeing my own family for a week, that I'll have it in me to do another 4 hours (round trip)

I really wish this open mic were closer to me, because I'd be there all the time. But 4 hours is just a hell of a drive for an open mic.

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