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how to make an official gretsch event?



I would think someone would be interested in a show we have coming up.

on October 10th, my band is playing with 2 other acts (Gringo Motel and Big Lazy)...all the bands feature vintage gretsches.

and I was wondering how I could get gretsch to sponsor the event....I'm not even sure what that would look like, but I think it would be awesome since all the bands have such a dedication to the brand.

Big Lazy is a 3 piece with a gorgeous 1955 duo jet that was recently written about in vintage guitar magazine.

Gringo Motel uses a 1976 Gretsch Country Club

and Mercury Radio Theater uses both a 1960 Tennessean and a 1950 electromatic.

(also there is a new double anniversary, new white falcon, new tennessee rose, and a 1957 streamliner with PAF, all lined up to make appearances)

the show is going to be held at a reputable venue in philadelphia, and going to get plenty of press because each of the bands has a rather impressive cult following.

it would be awesome to attach the gretsch name to it.



I'm neither equipped to make that happen nor am I in Philadelphia, but it sounds like a great show! Good luck


I'd think that emailing Joe Carducci would be a good place to start.


I'm curious about who Gretsch would be sponsoring? You & the other bands playing? The venue? Or, are you looking for them to help promote it through Gretsch site/social media?


NJB...yeah, I'd hope it would be kind of like a "brought to you by the fine people at gretsch" help with advertising and a stamp of approval.


I would love a bit more,where?


October 10th at bourbon and branch in philly.


Buddy Mercury... please PM me with your phone number & best time to call to discuss possibilities. - Joe

– Joe Carducci/Gretsch Guitars

Too cool.


Wow, playing with Stephen Ulrich (Big Lazy)... That's too cool for ordinary words. When you next talk to him, put a bug in his ear about coming back out to Seattle soon.


Stephen and I seem to be getting along thick as thieves, he's really a great guy. knew the guy for 30 seconds before he handed me his duo jet and told me i could take it for a ride. Hopefully, Seattle is on his agenda!


This place is really cool.


Buddy Mercury... please PM me with your phone number & best time to call to discuss possibilities. - Joe

– Joe Carducci/Gretsch Guitars

Gotta love that!


Let me know if i can help in any way.


Stephen and I exchanged several wonderful e-mails when he was soliciting funds to support the release of "Don't Cross Myrtle". I was sorely tempted to take him up on the "twang lessons" offer in the funding program. I didn't think I could make the travel to NYC work into my work schedule, so he offered the "twang lessons" outside of the funding program. Pretty awesome.

He seems like a really great person with wonderful character - his music seems like the perfect expression of his wit and wisdom. I'd still love to do the lessons just for the experience alone. I just need to get myself and a good guitar onto the East Coast for a few days without work interruption.


Blergh, I lost joes number! And I gotta get a hold of him!


Already did! Hopefully he'll get back to me.


How awesome is it to have Joe Carducci among us? Have a great show!


See if you can get someone to take video of at least some of your set. From the clips I've seen, you've got a really fun band with a unique style. I'd love to see you live some time!

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