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Grumpfest 2018!! Saturday 23 June.


I hope we get decent weather... I am SO looking forward to this!


if it rains, we hide under the porch, dosent stop us!


some of the wood for the fire ring. Think it's enough?


That oughta' git 'er done!


Just under three weeks to go! If you plan on attending let me know.


I'm excited to see that Joe Carducci will be here! We gonna have a bash!


Awesome! You bringing your super chet?


Just got another paddle boat. The bearings are cluncky but it floats and its fun. It even has a drink cooler.


Hey guys!!! Next weekend!!!

IDK how many of you are taking the time to RSVP, either on the Happenings page or on this thread, but I'm sure Grump would like to get an idea of how many are coming!

Also, Grump: I know you'll have grub, but is it potluck too? Should we bring food?


One week! So far the weather looks promising.

If you have a favorite dish bring it. This year I think I'm doing mostly burgers and dogs.

Bring a beach chair if you can.

The lake is warm so be prepared to swim if you like.


I need to fly to Asia so will miss it. Have a blast.


All of Asia should fly here! Only a few days till Grumpfest. Be here!


Looking forward to this weekend @ Grumpfest. Will be bringing my Jim Dandy acoustic to jam with. Will also have a swag prize to all who attend.


So stoked


Ugh... I have to change my attendance to a "hopefully".... I just found out my mother-in-law's deck is structurally dangerous, and I might be shoring it up this weekend.... I'm trying like hell to get it done earlier, because I want to come!!! But I can't leave the deck like that, especially with the grandkid living there right now..... why does this stuff ALWAYS have bad timing????

The last time there was a get-together (on the other Gretsch forum), I had a damn water pipe leak I had to take care of immediately.....

Hey Dave (NJDevil)-
were you confirmed for going up? I tried to message you, but hadn't heard back.


gonna have a good time!


Bringing chili and a cake. Need anything else john?


I think were good.

Ruger I hope all turns out okay.

The stage is cleaned and ready to rock! We may have close to a hundred people here!!!


Sounds like youre all gonna have a Blast Grumpy, Good luck with your Event.. Maybe someday.


ok, bringing bass amp, mic stand and mic and cable, multi guitar stand rack. guitar amp and my pedals, library guitar and my bo diddley. venison chili and a cakes and a lemonade booze drink. anything else john? noonish? didn't see a start time posted.


The happenings page says "starts at noon"

I'm wondering about PARKING- almost a hundred people?????

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