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Gretsch Day at Street Sounds


This Saturday, June 8. I plan to be there. Anybody else going?


I was going until my wife told me we have a wedding this weekend.

Always a good time in Brooklyn, for the last several years it's been an unofficial start of summer for me.


If you’re in the area, or even within driving distance, get thee to Rocky’s place. You’ll have a blast, meet Fred and a whole host of Gretsch folks.


And looks like Steve Wariner will be there too!! Wow! Sorry I will not be able to make it. I'm sad...


I'll be just coming home from a week in Mexico, so odds are slim, but I won't rule it out yet.


Once again I screwed up and missed the date for this. We are having out of town house guests for the weekend so I can't get away....


Wish I could. Family vacation to Mackinaw conflicts. Somehow this is always a bad weekend for me.

Had a great time the year I went, though. Howdy to Rocky, Joe, Fred, Dinah, Stephen, and all.


And looks like Steve Wariner will be there too!! Wow! Sorry I will not be able to make it. I'm sad...

– Metman

Steve Wariner? That hack?


Well it’s looking like I may be able to monopolize the dignitaries’ time at this rate.


Redrocker and I will be there fo sho!


Last year was a blast. I'm trying to work it so that I can make it.


Makes me wish I lived on the East Coast! Dang I'd like to be there


Oh dang, I just happen to be going to NYC this weekend, definitely going to try and pop in


Makes me wish I lived on the West side of the pond...well, not quite, but almost.


Busker, playing a Gretsch.


Dennis bought this champagne beauty right off the wall.


Jet Weston and his non-atomic ranch hands...Redrocker, yours truly, Frequent Flyer, with Baba Joe and nielda off camera.


The missing men from the last shot.


Them's a fun bunch a fellers right there.


It was fun spending the afternoon with everyone there. (If you couldn’t make it there, check out the Steve Wariner Gretsch if you get a chance.)


Good time and good musicians playing. It’s always a good time at Street Sounds where Fred and Joe and Rocky, etc. emphasize the Gretsch family aspect of everyone in attendance there. In fact, Rocky’s Mom even said to me “Oh, you’re one of the regulars.” when giving me my wrist band. Nice touches like this just add to the experience. Good food was handed out by his wife as well.

Some incredible guitars there, both Custom Shop and regular. Crowbone and I were longingly looking at the double cut Sparkle Jet above when the guy bought it. He was very happy.

Steve Wariner promoted his new signature model. I believe it is a 16 inch model based on the 6122-1958. Redrocker and I were in the middle of the room. From that distance we weren’t sure whether it was black or a dark walnut. It was a beauty with a TVJ Paul Yandell DuoTron neck pickup and a TVJ Classic Plus bridge pickup. Split coils, brass nut and Tru-Arc. Steve’s idea was to make the guitar as attractive as possible to as many players as possible from Chet pickers to hard rockers. This thing has the potential to fly off the wall imo. Sounded great and will hold its own very well.

This event is similar to a Roundup in that you get to meet and/or reconnect with people while listening to some really good musicians. I look forward to it and have never been disappointed. Stephen Stern, TV Jones were also there as usual and you never know who might show up. Paul McCartney recently bought an amp there although he was not there today.

Thanks to Street Sounds and the Gretsch organization for this event.


Maaan...I wish I coulda gone...Quentin is a good friend and produced my last 2 records; and I was in a band with Sean in....uh....uh....1985....86....Yikes! It would have been great to see him. I was better than he in those days....not anymore!!! He's a smokin' player!!!

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