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Great White North Roundup T-Shirt Ordering


To make my life a little easier, if you'd like a shirt (and I get enough orders) I will be printing them this year. I will ship and will accept paypal. Shipping will be $10 and the t-shirts will be $20 for sizes Small to Extra Large and $25 for t-shirts beyond XL. Also there is an option for long sleeve t-shirts too and they will be $28 and the sizes will be Small to Extra Large. Special sized shirts will have to be paid for in advance of me receiving the shirts from the printers.

Thanks for the support


Pay pal link please. Two xxxl please


Pay pal link please. Two xxxl please

– munman

I will still waiting to get a number on how many I should order but I have you down Dave. Thanks!

I will be setting a dead line on orders so please if you are interested let me know ASAP


I'm still taking orders, I won't be collecting money until I place the order with the printers. I need a minimum order so if you are interested in a shirt please let me know. Thanks!!! I take paypal, diners club and discover


That Design is Killer!

– LA_Manny

I know!! And I only have a few people that want a shirt! I need to get at least 30 of these sold to make these shirts happen. So if you want one let me know, I will ship them and I do accept PayPal. I will not collect money until I have the shirts ordered, right now I want people to let me know if they want them and I’ll invoice you once I ordered them. If you come to the event you can pay for them there no need to pay in advance


I'm bumping this up, I want to make sure that I don't give people a chance to order one of these sweet shirts!

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